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Posted on: 12 February 2019 by Amy Smith Brown

Here are 5 places that make great destinations to celebrate your 50th birthday!

Written by:  Alistair Langfield

Reaching 50 is nothing to worry about. It's just a number and it all depends on how you get there. If you are healthy, feel young and energetic and you are surrounded by good people who love you, you will be fine. However, it is a good excuse to organize a big party with your friends. That's reason enough to make it worth admitting that you've completed five decades.

Here are 5 places that make great destinations to celebrate your 50th birthday!

Granada, Spain

Granada offers everything you can ask for a weekend party with your friends. Rich gastronomy, prices more than affordable, great accommodation offers, beautiful and friendly people, endless party and with the bonus of a monumental natural beauty to enjoy.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a young, cosmopolitan and vibrant city. Everything happens in the center of the city, one of the most concentrated and manageable European capitals I know. The density of pubs reaches incredible heights here and you can find people partying any day of the week, although from Thursday to Saturday the thing multiplies exponentially. Live music any day of the week, pubs of all kinds, people from all over the world, good vibes everywhere and the best Guinness in the world. It is impossible that it does not go well.

Riga, Latvia

The Latvian capital is another great discovery where you can spend a great weekend. The historical center is beautiful and full of life and, if we spare some time and strength, we can take a train and get on the Baltic beaches in less than half an hour. A destination to be considered.

The Valletta, Malta

The Mediterranean island will offer you an unforgettable birthday, more quiet than in the three previous options but you're practically ensured a climate with which to enjoy its fantastic natural beauty. Malta is an island full of places and historical monuments, beautiful and lonely beaches and also a lot of partying.

Prague, Czech Republic

In the center of Europe there is another very good option for a 50th birthday celebration. Prague is a fully polyvalent city. It is considered one of the most romantic capitals of Europe but, in turn, has one of the best nightlife in the Old Continent. In its historical center you will find several bars and restaurants where you can have some good Czech beers at ridiculous prices.

I keep thinking aloud and I can not find the perfect destination. Well, wherever you go, the important thing is that you spend it with the people closest to you.

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Mel Brent posted 26 March 2020

You are completely in vain giving a choice of only European countries. Believe me, if you have not been to Canada, you have lived your life in vain. Canada is a very comfortable and safe country for the elderly. I advise you to think about this area and can recommend some best packing tips for travelers. Traveling light is akin to art))  I taught my wife not to take more than one suitcase on a trip for a long time)

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