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Posted on: 27 February 2014 by Andy Asher

There is a different passion involved in being married in a tropical setting, or a scenic beach. A gorgeous setting provides an extraordinary experience and a wonderful backdrop for photos and memories that will remain in your forever.

While such marriages are bound to steal your thoughts, don’t forget to factor in the legal aspects that can arise with being married in another country. It is significant to know the legal requirements and do your homework beforehand to avoid the last minute trouble, which can be costly and time consuming. 

If you are choosing a destination ceremony, don’t worry about planning and preparations. Such weddings take place daily, therefore the planners and coordinators at the resorts or location and well versed in arranging such ceremonies. They are specifically employed to take care of every marriage details.

Although there are planners, you should not shoulder the work on them, completely. Make sure you are very specific with your questions and understanding what is included in the package the venue offers. You should be at their assistance, and ask them what exactly is required at your end.

A planner might also help you in dealing with legal aspects of the overseas wedding destinations. If this is your second marriage, you should have the divorce documents from the previous marriage in some cases.  In some locations, you are required to spend some time before marriage when it comes to documentation. At some destinations, you are also required to translate the documents into their national language.

You can choose to get married traditionally or in your own style – the choice is all yours. If you are planning to get married in church, ask the person performing the ceremony to translate the preaching/vows in your language.

There are several destinations around the world that offers a beautiful setting for a romantic marriage. Some of the popular wedding destinations overseas are Thailand, Mauritius, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Thai Mainland, Italy, Caribbean, Austria, Las Vegas and Malta etc.

In order to make your day memorable and safe, you should take travel insurance and enjoy its benefits. Planning such marriages is no big deal; you need to ask more and more questions to clarify your doubts and arrange a flawless wedding ceremony abroad.

The Bottom Line

Choose the venue as per your budget and preference. The destination is more important, therefore pick it carefully. So next time if you are any one of your friends decides to marry overseas, pass it on this information to them. Your Destination Wedding Planning Directory

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