Are Older Americans Voting for Donald Trump?


Posted on: 14 September 2016 by John Bell

Donald Trump has garnished a huge amount of support from American electorate, but who is voting for him? In this post we look at how Trump's vote is split among the age groups

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has surprised political commentators the world over, enjoying a huge amount of support from certain sections of the American electorate. 

Many thought Trumps xenophobic immigration policy wouldn't resonate with a large enough demographic for him to win the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency, but in recent months Trump's support has boomed, winning him both the Republican nomination and seeing him running extremely close to Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. Even after countless controversial policy suggestions and comments seeing him offend huge swathes of people, Trump continues to enjoy support - in fact, his suggestion of building a wall between the US and Mexico has seen considerable support across the general population. 

So who is voting for Donald Trump? A recent survey from Morning Consult shows that Trump is most popular among older generations, with 47% of those 65 and over saying they would vote for Donald Trump if they had to vote right now (compared with 38% for Clinton). If you take only white voters, this percentage climbs to 50%. 

The data suggests that the older the voter, the more likely they are to vote for Trump, and this increases even more if those voters are white. Conversely, younger voters are more likely to vote for Clinton, and those who are non-white overwhelmingly opt for the Democrat, which is unsurprising given Trump's ideological positioning and his xenophobic campaign promises. 

Why this is the case remains unclear, although it's likely that Trump has struck a chord with a large demographic of angry, white Americans, particularly those of an older generation who feel threatened by increased globalisation and the anti-Muslim rhetoric espoused by the Republican candidate. Let's just hope this demographic is not enough to give him a majority in the upcoming presidential elections. 

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John Bell

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Henry Farber posted 14 September 2016

John: This has been a year of years. No one expected the UK to exit Europe and through our own complacency and a sizeable populist reactionary vote from my peers, we will now have to deal with the consequences. Or more accurately our children and grandchildren will deal with them. 

For the US, with Trump maintaining his position in spite of repeated bungles, and Hilary Clinton's health being used a campaign weapon against her, the situation is equally uncertain.
The irony of a man who sits among the top one percent of the system he claims to be campaigning against beggars belief. Still he's going to reveal his very, very detailed plan, really, really soon. 
This could not have been scripted 18 months ago.

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