Are You Thinking About Installing a Light Control System in Your Home?


Posted on: 14 September 2018 by Sarah Macpherson

If you are looking to make home improvements, then why not consider a lighting control system?

Lighting control systems are becoming more and more popular as the years go by, as home automation technology continues to be rolled out. Many of these early adopters have recognized the immense benefit investing in this technology has been.

Of course, there will be many of us out there who wish to keep technology far away from the home, but since our lives are already becoming increasingly reliant on technology, many people see no such problem.

So, what benefits can lighting control systems offer people. Currently, one of the most popular lighting controls system is that made by Crestron. Crestron Lighting Control systems are the favoured solution for many high-end automated homes both in the UK and the United States. Here are some of the advantages…


There is now no need to manually switch off all your lights in your home when you leave, as a lighting control system in a home automation home are able to switch all the lights on and off when you enter or leave your property.

Save Energy

Crestron Lighting Control is a great solution for saving energy, and thus saving money on your utility bills. There is a special energy saving mode which you can use with a lighting control system such as this. With this, the system will only switch lights on when you enter the room and will switch them off when you leave. It is able to do this thanks to motion detectors.

Improve the Security in Your Home

When you are out, if your home automatically switches lights on and off, this will guard against any opportunistic home burglaries. It is clear Crestron have worked hard on this particular feature, and it shows in the delivery of the solution.

They have also created "motion detected landscape lights". This is an outdoor lighting solution where the lights will turn on when there is movement detected outdoors. These lights are a recommended purchase if you are regularly away from home.

Have you installed lighting control systems in your home? Do you feel the benefit for doing so? Let us know!

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