Australian holiday tips for the travellers who are young at heart


Posted on: 28 July 2016 by Will Norquay

Even if the date of birth on your passport seems like it might have been far too long ago, you don’t ever have to act your age.

Even if the date of birth on your passport seems like it might have been far too long ago, you don’t ever have to act your age. When you are young at heart, you can make every day count – and have as much fun as you did when you were in your twenties, if not more! If you want to visit Australia, be sure to try out these holiday tips to enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Book a holiday rental

Who says you can’t enjoy doing things yourself? Instead of going on an all-inclusive tour designed for your age group, consider a holiday rental instead. You can find plenty on offer at Stayz, and they offer maximum comfort as well as luxury in a home-like setting. It’s a lovely way to enjoy a holiday, and makes you feel far more relaxed than staying in a holiday hotel. Plus, you can choose a rental which suits your physical needs if your body isn’t as young as your heart!


Play it by ear

You don’t need to plan out every single day of your trip with an itemised itinerary. Instead, consider making a list of all of the things you really want to do. Make sure you are aware of issues like opening times so that you can fit everything in, and then leave it to the day. Get up in the morning and decide what you want to do. And remember – sitting by a swimming pool in the sun counts as doing something to. Don’t be afraid to sit down for a while and enjoy the experience!


Be safe

You don’t need a lecture on safety, but here’s a reminder: stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen as well as hats when out and about. The last thing that you want to ruin your holiday is sunstroke or a nasty burn. It just makes the rest of the holiday uncomfortable, and that’s not what anyone wants. Be careful and take those precautions rather than thinking you can get away with it.


Go off-track

The guide book might tell you about the big tourist attractions, but what else is out there? Do a search online and you might come up with the places that locals like to visit the most. Go ahead and check them out! Why not go to the restaurant down the road instead of paying over the odds for a meal in a prime location? You might be pleasantly surprised. You can also discover hidden wonders, like side streets full of art galleries, if you know where to look. Allow yourself some time to simply explore without a real plan. This is where the real magic happens on holiday.


Take your time

Especially if you are retired, you have all the time in the world to enjoy yourself. Go for a two or three week holiday at the minimum when you visit Australia. You don’t have to stay in the same place – you could spend each week in a new location, for example. This way you will have time to see the wonders of the outback, the attractions of the city, and every little thing in-between, all at once. And you won’t have to rush through it all so quickly you don’t get to enjoy it!


The main thing to remember in Australia is that while you might be young at heart, your body might not be. Don’t push it too far and make sure you always know how to get back to your holiday rental or hotel – that way you will never be stranded!

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