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It is one of the most famous ski resorts of Georgia is undoubtedly Bakuriani. Unlike his younger brother - Gudauri, Bakuriani carries its own history from the late 19th century.

The resort is famous for its mild winter climate and pine forests that surround the snowy slopes. It is ideal for a family holiday. Everything is permeated by an atmosphere of cordiality and a family atmosphere.

If Gudauri mainly has only triggers routes, here is a paradise for children. In Bakuriani you can skate, sled and snowmobile, make fascinating horseback riding, explore the surrounding area. Here you will find a lot of swings, carousels, various rides. And it's all sparkles, plays and creates the impression of a children's holiday. In the evening, it is fabulously beautiful in Bakuriani. Beautiful lights are playing on the ice rink; illuminated routes are invited to ride in front of a delicious dinner. Everywhere are sounds of laughter and music. Life here runs calmly and slowly.

Bakuriani is primarily a ski resort. Here are sixteen tracks of varying difficulty for beginners, amateurs and professionals. There is also a short family trails, where you can make family events. Modern lifts easily take you to your point of descent. Ski season is mainly from December to March. The resort is also equipped for riding on snowmobile and paragliding lessons.

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A surprising aspect of Bakuriani is that the top points of the mountains have the originate Borjomi springs. Pearl "thermal" is Caucasus Barzhomi resort, it is located not far from Bakuriani. Therefore, here you can improve your health by drinking a glass of healing water.

There are places in the world which are simply breathtaking. Bakuriani is the place, where you will fall in love with it.

Always it is worth to visit:

Khertvisi Fortress - one of the oldest and most functional castles of Georgia. The fortress is located in the south of Meskheti. The fortress is one of the important monuments of the medieval Georgia.

Ritza National Park - the park area of about 16,289 hectares. It has a wide variety of birds. The park includes flowing river, teeming with fish.

The ancient monastery Timotesubani is located near lake Tabatskura. The frescoes in the church of the monastery were created in the XIII century. Timotesubani Monastery is located a few kilometers from Bakuriani, on the road to the resort Barzhomi.

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