Basic concepts of family psychology


Posted on: 05 February 2016 by Anna Huse

Classification of needs Maslow has 6 levels.

Simpler is need for security, affection and achievements. Family has its own needs. Functions according to family needs:

1. Educational function

The function of the family refers not only to the individual needs of the person, but it is also relevant to society. In relation to society, the family, raising children serves as a socialization of the younger generation. They have a son or daughter as well as a member of society. This function is rather long - from birth to adulthood. It needs to give the maximum of mental, physical and social health.

2. Economic - home

It meets their biological and material needs and the need to maintain their health - physical, mental and social. The family is a restoration of physical and mental strength, which had been spent in the field of work.

3. The function of emotional exchange

The family is formed by people who are in kinship. These relationships are based on emotionally-positive contacts, which are called affection. This standard attachment initially exists between the family members and is manifested in the experience and expression of their relationship. Affection, we express in the form of emotion. They need for love, sympathy, respect, recognition of the other, the other emotional support and psychological protection.

4. Communicative function

It meets the needs of the family during a joint time (leisure), mutual cultural and spiritual enrichment. This feature contributes to the spiritual development of its members. The level of development of communication in the family corresponds with the degree of development of communication in society. Through communication occurs serious personal growth. The implementation of this function leads to serious personal growth of family members.

5. The primary function of social control

The purpose of the society is not only to help the person to survive, but it assumes the function and control - the imposition of restrictions and prohibitions. Family is a small social group, a new member of society. Enforcement of family social standards is an important feature. Especially those family members who do not have sufficient ability to build their behavior in accordance with existing social norms. These factors limit the ability to build their behavior.

6. Erotic function

It meets the sexual needs of the family, regulates sexual behavior of family members. Ensuring biological reproduction of society, family turn into clans coming to generation.

Family has its phases of development. The young family on the 1st place can be sex, in an old family upbringing function may disappear.

About the Author: Anna Huse is a blogger and student. She investigates different educational issues.

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