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Posted on: 27 June 2015 by Goky Brkic

Sometimes words are not enough to describe a thing or place. This is the case with Split - a centuries-old city settled on the shore of Croatia in region known as Central Dalmatia. A one would need all his senses to see, feel and utterly experience all the history, culture and liveliness Split embodies. But let's not forget to mention the beauties of its area; it shouldn't be neglected for any reason. Some smaller cities, but rich in versatile tourist offer can be found there.

The second largest city in Croatia, Split has been a tourist attraction for hundreds of years. This ancient Dalmatian city was founded 17 centuries ago by a Roman emperor called Diocletian. Diocletian wanted to spend the last years of his life in a beautiful, peaceful place so he decided to build his palace right on the Split peninsula. Since then the town has grown organically around the palace, exchanging many rulers but always retaining its beauty.

The palace itself is one of the main attractions of Split. Wonderfully preserved it serves as Split’s historical core. In 1979 the palace was included in the UNESCO world heritage list, and for good reason. Come see the ancient palace walls, beautiful columns, and some amazing examples of gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture located in the area surrounding the palace. If you’re into history, you can visit the oldest museum in Croatia which was founded in 1820. The museum, simply known as the Archaeological Museum, has an excellent collection of ancient Greek and Roman artifacts.

But Split is much more than architecture. The town is buzzing with life, and numerous cafes, shops, beaches, restaurants and night clubs make it a modern, thriving city. As the town gets a lot of its income from tourists, Split has a large cultural offer as well. The city really comes alive during the summer, with a number of music festivals (most notably the world famous Ultra Europe music festival), theater performances, sports events and traditional festivals. Enjoy the finest in cuisine and culture that Dalmatia has to offer. If you have the time, take part in a Split tradition and take a stroll down the promenade, and sit down for a cup of coffee with your friends. If you’re feeling adventurous head out to the beach and play some “picigin” with the locals, all you need is a ball!

When you get tired of the buzz of the city, the hill overlooking Split, called Marjan, is an excellent way to take a break from the noisy city. Fresh air, a picturesque view of the islands in front of Split, hiking paths, a beautiful alpine pine forest, natural beaches and a number of recreational sport terrains will ensure a relaxing day.

If Split is not enough for you, the town’s location offers a great opportunity to explore a bit of the Split-Dalmatia county, and the nearby islands. The towns of Sibenik and Trogir to the north, although a bit smaller than Split, have no less charm. A short road trip will immerse you even more in the Dalmatian culture and sights. The town of Makarska to the south also has a lot to offer. Makarska and the surrounding Riviera are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Croatia and are worth spending a few days of exploration on their own. All kinds of accommodation can be found in the Riviera – from a high class hotels to private rooms on a budget, so the pickiest tourists should be satisfied.

If you’d like to visit an island, a short ferry ride is all that stands between you and the nearby islands of Brac and Solta. During the summer day trips by catamaran to the nearby island of Hvar are organized. However, if you think your time is too valuable to spend it waiting for a scheduled transport, the better choice would be simply chartering a boat or yacht, depending on your needs, and engaging on your own sailing journey. Truly a fantastic opportunity to explore a bit more of Croatia and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Split, and before long you’ll be agreeing with the locals that there is no town in the whole world quite like Split.

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