Beautiful Bereavement Gifts: 5 Plants and Flowers to Gift the Grieving


Posted on: 17 June 2019 by Santanu Banerjee

There are going to be times in your life when you never have the right words to say.

There are going to be times in your life when you never have the right words to say. One of those times is going to be when someone you know loses a loved one. No matter how many times you tell them you’re sorry for their loss, it won’t be able to change anything, make them feel better, or heal the wound.

That’s why bereavement gifts often go hand-in-hand with heartfelt condolences. Where words fail, a gesture can take their place. However, you then have another battle on your hands. What kind of plant is going to make a difference in the life of someone who feels like they just lost their world? There is no magic fix or cure, but these gestures below may offer some solace.

Olive Tree

An olive tree can make an excellent bereavement gift. It can come from someone who doesn’t know all that much about plants but can mean a lot to the recipient. The olive tree has been firmly entrenched in history as a plant that’s both beloved and sacred.

It promotes peace, friendship, and serenity. It’s also easy to care for, which makes it perfect for someone who won’t be up to tending to a tree in a time of grief.

Olive trees have been a grand gesture almost since time began. Even in ancient Greece in the fifth century, they were associated with a peaceful relationship. Supposedly, control of Athens was decided with a contest between Poseidon and Athena.

Poseidon’s gift was a spring which he formed by hitting his trident against a hard rock. Athena then grew the olive tree which was laden with fruit at the time. The Athenians preferred Athena’s gift over Poseidon’s.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is the crème de la crème of bereavement gifts when words fail. Most people know and understand the meaning behind such a plant, which makes the gesture even more lovely. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and symbolises the rebirth of souls. It’s also a symbol for hope, which can mean a lot to someone who has lost their loved one. 

Many people associate the Peace Lily with the Virgin Mary in Christianity. They believe it’s a pure plant that even signifies chastity. However, psychic balance for healing and Feng Shui also have links to the Peace Lily.

Some people believe they can lift energy levels and help people to heal. Others think that in the realm of Feng Shui, such a plant can harmonise a home’s energy and take care of strife that has affected a home in the past. A Peace Lily could be the perfect gift for you to offer.

Meyer Lemon Tree

If you want your bereavement gift to be both a lovely gesture and something functional, then why not consider a Meyer lemon tree? This tree fruits year-round and makes an excellent gift.

It’s exceptionally hardy, which means it will thrive – even if the recipient doesn’t pay it much attention or lives in colder climes. It’s also a low-spreading tree with thorns that produces a smooth-skinned fruit.

While the tree itself is unique as a bereavement gift, its offerings are truly special as well. The resultant fruit are like lemons crossed with oranges but are sweeter than lemons.


If you want to offer your friend or family a bereavement gift that will thrive as they will with time, then consider the white flower variety of Jasmine. This vining shrub is graceful with a beautiful scent. It also blooms in spring, summer and even into autumn. It produces lovely clusters of up to five flowers at a time.

Jasmine is a Central Asian plant that can grow up to 15 feet tall. It’s beautiful, looks peaceful, and the saplings are perfect as bereavement gifts.

Kaffir Lime Tree

The go-to bereavement gift that many people offer is a posy or bouquet. While the floral arrangements are generally lovely, they only live for around two weeks. Just when the recipient is learning to live without their friend or family member in their life, the flowers die. They then experience death all over again.

A kaffir lime tree can then become the perfect gift. It’s alive when you gift it and will continue to live for as long as the recipient looks after it. It’s also a lovely and unique gift. It’s used commonly in Thai cuisine and has bright leaves that let out a beautiful aroma when you crush them. The white flowers on the tree also boast a citrus scent.

Thai people believe that kaffir lime trees can ward off evil spirits. Hence, they are popular at property entrances in Thailand for this purpose. A gift of many meanings could be the very thing to offer someone who is grieving. What’s more, kaffir lime is common for medicinal purposes which may come in handy as well.


There is never going to be a perfect gift to give someone who is grieving. They have lost someone close to them, and a plant, flowers, or anything else is never going to bring them back. However, some gifts are more of a nice gesture than others. Olive trees, peace lilies, kaffir lime trees, Jasmine, and Meyer lemon trees are all excellent bereavement gift options you may like to consider.

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