Beauty Tips for Women over Fifty


Posted on: 01 April 2018 by Amy Smith Brown

Growing old gracefully can mean having a drastic overhaul of your skin, hair and make-up routine. From choosing a new skin moisturiser to non-surgical body contouring treatments, there are a lot of positive option for a mature lady to consider.

It is no secret that our hair, skin and body go through a lot of changes as we get older. This is why we also need to step-up our beauty regime. We may have looked stunning wearing black Kohl eyeliner and bright red lipstick when we were in our 20's, but these may look a little stark and harsh on us now we are in our mid-fifties, right?

The secret to looking your best when you are a 50-something beauty enthusiast is knowing how to wear make up well and how to utilize the latest body sculpting treatments to help maintain your muscle and skin tone.

Sculpsure non-invasive treatments

A very popular non-invasive body sculpting treatment for mature ladies is Sculpsure – a non-surgical treatment that uses light-based technology to help mobilise and reduce stubborn fat cells that sit under the skin.

With Sculpsure, there are no incisions or invasive surgery involved. It is an effective way to deal with those areas of stubborn fat around the tummy and love handle area that don't seem to reduce through good diet and exercise practices. Because you have no down-time following your treatments, you can still keep on the go with your busy lifestyle between treatments. Most people see noticeable results after 6 to 8 weeks.

Use a good quality eye cream

The skin around the eye area is quite thin and prone to becoming dry and wrinkled. It is advised for mature ladies to always wear an eye cream, day and night, to keep the area well moisturised.

Primer and foundation

Younger skin tends to be smoother, so there isn't often a need to use a primer underneath foundation. However, mature skin will benefit from having a primer applied before foundation because it will help the foundation to fix in place and stay on top of your skin rather than sink into any lines and wrinkles.

Use lip liner for definition

A good lip liner in the same shade of your lipstick will help to prevent lipstick from bleeding into any fine vertical lines around the edges of your lips. A good liner will give your lips definition and can help your lips to look more plump and full.


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Jeffrey Woods posted 07 August 2019

This is a very good recommendation for women's makeup. However, do not forget about eye makeup. Pay attention to the natural false eyelashes This product will help you open your eyes and add playfulness to the overall appearance.

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