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Posted on: 27 June 2019 by Jeniffer Page

Runcorn Bridge is a newly opened River bridge between Runcorn and Wildness. And it opened a quicker and more accessible route across the Mersey River.

Runcorn Bridge is a newly opened River bridge between Runcorn and Wildness. And it opened a quicker and more accessible route across the Mersey River. Becoming the registered customer you can save some money at the runcorn bridge toll. The Mersey bridge authority offers a special discount for the registered members or customers. However a non-registered customer will not face any issue to go across the Bridge.

Procedure of Registration at Runcorn Bridge Toll

The registration procedure in Runcorn Bridge toll is not something very hard. You can simply register your account online.

You have to choose one of the pre-paid accounts and follow the steps. Or you can go out there in person and register your car at the Mersey Gateway Bridge Toll. However, there are two types of account and some different payment mode. You should choose them as per your requirement and convenience.

Mersey Toll Pre-paid Video Account

As it was said earlier there are two types of accounts. One of them is pre-paid video account. Once you registered and open a pre-paid video account, you car will be listed at the Mersey Gateway Bridge toll. You are offered direct 5 percent discount on each crossing.

Runcorn Bridge Pre-paid Sticker Account

You can open a pre-paid sticker account spending only £5 at new runcorn bridge toll. Once you become a pre-paid sticker account holder, a discount of 10 percent is enjoyed in each crossing. Moreover you will be provided one wide screen sticker for any single crossing.

The pre-paid account in Mersey Bridge toll is more like a mobile pre-paid account. You are required to recharge your account and maintain the minimum balance. The toll cost of crossing the bridge will be deducted from your account balance.

It may sometime happen that the balance issue of your toll pre-paid account got of mind. Automatic payment option is there to solve this issue. As the balance of Mersey Bridge Toll account balance gets lower that the minimum value, it will automatically be recharged. The same amount of money will be debited from the linked bank account. However the limit of auto payment can set and the minimum is £20. If you don't want to use this auto payment, do it manually whenever you want to recharge your account. It is not even mandatory to use auto payment mode.

Checking the Balance of Pre-paid Account

You may wish to check the balance left in runcorn bridge toll account before make a trip. Not a problem! you can check it online going into your account. Or you can call the customer service to know the account balance. You just need to give the car registration number to the customer care executive.

Once your pre-paid account balance gets low, you will automatically receive a low balance alert on your registered mobile number. So recharge your account as soon as it crosses the stipulated baseline.


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Alex Jacob posted 16 October 2019

I just got became a registered member of Runcorn Bridge Toll. Less hassle while crossing the Mersey river.


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Lucie Charron posted 20 April 2020

Really interesting. I did not knew that existed. Check my site to learn more about me.


Frey Karts posted 22 April 2020

Great privileges to be part of that team. I'm sure people will look forward to being there. Thanks for keeping us update with this good news. 


mohitsingh mohitsingh posted 13 May 2020

I just got turned into an enlisted individual from Runcorn Bridge Toll. Less problem while crossing the Mersey stream. 


oscar poar16 posted 18 August 2020

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Max Lancaster posted 09 September 2020

Finally there's a quicker way around the Mersey river.  I'm a land surveyor in Tallahassee, FL so I could use the break.


liz bee posted 16 October 2020

this is grea! thanks for sharing!

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