Beginners Guide to Perfume


Posted on: 11 May 2016 by Bobby Cracknell

We are never too old to try something new or find different hobbies. Using new fragrances will change how you smell, but more importantly how you feel about yourself.

"Age before beauty" is my least favorite saying. Because age should not exclude beauty. As I aged I began to stop worrying about how my clothes looked and If my hair was combed. Styles changed but my closet didn't. I put this down to merely being comfertable with myself and looking my age, and tried to ignore how much I stood out compared to coworkers and people on the street.

It was only a chance encounter with an old freind that forced me to reconsider. Jesse was with me in high school, and we lived on the same block growing up. We hadnt kept up other then a few encounters during the holidays when she and I were visiting family. After my mother passed, I no longer returned to my hometown, and hadnt seen or heard from Jesse in many years. But now here she was, sitting outside a cafe only a block away from my house. She recognized me and came over and gave me a hug. I was awestruck. Jesse is my age and looked terrific. We sat down and spent a lot of time talking, catching up on each others lives and families. During the conversation I asked Jesse how she looked so good. She had no groundbreaking recipe or methodology to pass on to me, only that she stayed current and simply didn't feel old. 

This prompted me to reflect a little on myself, and my feelings towards how I dress and look. I realized that I was exactly the opposite of comfortable with my age and was actually having lacking the self confidence to dress nicely and feel good about how I looked. Slowly I began to purchase new clothing and change my hairstyle. I kept in touch with Jesse and found that I am so much happier going out now and interacting with people of all ages. Strangely, one of the biggest changes for me was fragrences. I had used the same cologne for 20 years, and slowly stopped using scent altogether in the last few years.

Recently, I bought and sampled a variety of mens fragrences and have gotten into the whole scent industry, both as a hobby and certainly as something I have really begun to enjoy. Wearing new cologne makes me feel more confident and 'hip' and I think that others view me the same way.

I don't try to feel young, only happy and confident with my age. I want to feel old and good looking. I think as we age we need to keep up with style, pop culture, and societies idiosyncrasies not to feel young, but to stay associated with society and relate to people. I attached a great infographic from because I think many older men and woman could make small changes like perfume to feel better about themselves.  I know I did and I am happier than I have been in years. 

Beauty and age before youth.


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