Beginners Guide to Starting a Unique Tourism Business


Posted on: 07 February 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

Due mainly to the large amount of information on tourist destinations that exists on the Internet today, and the constant effort made by governments to promote tourism in their respective countries, more and more people decide to take pleasure trips and they are willing to spend good sums of money on them.

So if you are looking for business ideas and you like the topic of tourism, an alternative that you should consider are the businesses related to it. Here’s a beginner’s guide to 10 business ideas related to tourism, which you can start in your city:

1. Hotel oriented to customer relaxation

A worldwide trend that is gaining more and more traction with people is the search for moments of relaxation and, with it, the realization of trips with the sole purpose of finding these moments. A hotel oriented to the relaxation of the client where, for example, there are enough green areas, avoid as much noise and interruptions as possible, offer free or low-cost massage sessions, and give yoga or meditation workshops, would allow you to take advantage of this trend, but it would also have the advantage of not needing to be located in a tourist area as it could happen in the case of a common hotel.

2. Accommodation for backpackers

Another worldwide trend in people, especially in young people, is the realization of trips in order to meet various tourist destinations, but also other people. A backpacker lodging or hostel, also known as a hostel, is a lodging that has among its main features being low cost and having shared rooms, as well as common areas that encourage interaction between guests, and that would allow one to take advantage of this trend. At the same time it would have the advantage of not needing so much investment in comparison to a common hotel, since it would be sufficient to have a property located in a tourist zone with the necessary conditions to be turned into a lodging.

3. Night and Personalised Tours

Today there are countless tours that involve tours made in the day, but there are few who take advantage of the desire that tourists have to continue their tours at night. Some examples of night tours that could be offered in a business dedicated to these are tours that involve night tours of the main historical or cultural attractions of the city (for example, the main monuments, churches and parks), within a given place of interest (for example, inside the zoo or cemetery), or by the main discos and / or bars in the area. Another similar type of business is custom or personalized tours. They are popular among travelers who like giving tours their own flavour. Tour operators such as Greek TravelTellers are flourishing in this industry.

4. Food Tours

Gastronomic tours are a type of tour that is increasingly demanded by tourists, especially in localities that are recognized for their gastronomy. The possibilities for gastronomic tours are also varied. Some examples are tours that involve the main typical restaurants of the city, the main food producing businesses in the area, the main food markets, or various places related to gastronomy.

5. Vehicle rental

Another of the most common activities that a tourist performs as soon as he arrives in a city is to rent a vehicle that allows him to move, transit or just have fun while driving. The alternatives of vehicles that could be offered in a car rental business are diverse depending on the locality or tourist area. Some examples of these vehicles are cars, vans, minibuses, sand bikes, jet skis, yachts, boats, kayaks, golf carts and bicycles.

6. Online magazine or blog about your city

More and more people come to the Internet to find information about tourist places, and to read the reviews and comments that are published on these sites in your city. An online magazine or travel blog where, for example, information about different tourist places is provided, travel experiences are published, and advice is given to travelers, would allow you to take advantage of this trend. To generate income with this online magazine or blog in your city, advertising spaces would be sold to other businesses related to tourism in the city such as hotels, restaurants and rental agencies, or work with advertising programs, being the main source to generate good income by having high visitor traffic.

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