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Posted on: 11 June 2015 by Posey Osterude

The innovative Canadian company Beroïa has infused its skin care product range with a new philosophy.

The innovative Canadian company Beroïa has infused its skin care product range with a new philosophy. Keeping in mind, that our skin is our firewall protection against as many as 95% of all pathogens our bodies are exposed to, the importance of its healthy functioning is evident. It actually is what our skin has been engineered for. But exposure to a hectic lifestyle, subtle processes in our bodies, foods, which are hard to deal with, pollution and at times a hostile environment, threaten and destroy the skin’s healthy balance.


Beroïa’s philosophy is simple. It aims at boosting the skin’s innate qualities of heath and beauty by counteracting the stress factors it is exposed to and by soothing and restoring the skin on its way back to health and balance. Beroïa has entirely eliminated irritating chemicals, which can be problematic to skin and overall health as well and uses a patented all plant-based preservative formula. Best Eye Repair Cream


Recognizing, that if our skin is compromised in any of its defensive functions, overall health will suffer, too, Beroïa products rely on scientific research proving the beneficial effects of their ethno-botanical ingredients as sources of Mother Nature’s response to the many unnatural stress factors attacking skin wellbeing.



Beroïa’s four key products address the facts of modern life and their impact on us, coming to the aid of over-stressed facial skin, which is exposed more than any other parts of our bodies to pollution, sunlight, and wind and weather. The entire range of Beroïa skincare is developed, produced and packaged in Canada and complies with the strict requirements of Canadian legal standards. They are dermatologist tested and recommended, registered with Canada Health, tested in independent laboratories and absolutely animal cruelty free.

The key product is the Beroïa Facial Solid Solution Blend, a 100% solid bar consisting of fresh goat milk and antioxidant-packed plant ingredients. Providing extra mild daily microdermabrasion, the bar regulates as I cleanses. Containing 15 botanical extracts, 5 minerals, a vitamin complex, enzymes, antioxidants and natural AHA from goat’s milk, the bar has the capacity to restore balance to any skin type and bring out its natural beauty. The gentle cleansing process is to be followed immediately with the application of specially formulated creams, working best, when dabbed onto still moist skin.  Beroïa Nourishing Day Cream is ideal for those, who perspire easily in warm climates, whereas Beroïa Rich Night Cream is a powerful formula full of the unique moisture-building & retention properties of hyaluronic acid. It is the ideal skin support for women over 35, who are exposed to dry climates or suffer from the effects of the menopause. For those, the cream should be applied twice daily. A powerful botanical cocktail with minerals, a vitamin complex, enzymes and antioxidants ensure the effectiveness of this uniquely formulated cream.

The dot on the I is Beroïa Eye Cream with concentrated anti-aging properties, which lift, improve firmness and restore elasticity. Applied twice daily, this cream will brighten and soothe the delicate area around the eyes, help fight dark rings, and improve fine lines and wrinkles..


These four Beroïa products, applied in accordance with manufacturer recommendations are sure to make a difference to those with problem skin, but will also benefit healthy skin, supporting  its wellbeing and youthfulness.

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