Birthday Party Ideas for Your 20-Something-Year-Old Son or Daughter


Posted on: 10 May 2016 by Geoff Griffiths

A quick brain-storm of possible ideas if you're left in charge!

It gets trickier to plan a birthday party for someone as they get older, especially for someone in their twenties. Birthdays seem to lose a bit of importance between 21 and 30, but there’s no reason for your son or daughter to not have a great birthday party or a night out!

Book a room at a nice pub

Pretty standard, but still worth putting on your checklist when brainstorming and looking for ideas and places. Find a great pub with a nice private room and book it out for the night. If your son or daughter doesn’t like too big of a fuss made of them, it's the perfect way to get everyone together without putting all the attention on one person.


Paintball is an exciting day out. It gives you the freedom to run around a forest all day, and still have all evening to refuel with food and drink.  Maybe not one that the parents and grandparents will want to join in, but it could tire the youngsters out for the nice pub in the evening!










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Gaming tournament

This is a great idea if you can get your hands on a big TV and a gaming console. Introduce forfeits for particularly devastating defeats, and a prize for your grand champion.  Great if you’re on more of a budget, assuming you already have a games console.


Everyone loves a cheesy sing-along. You’re sure to find places where you can book smaller private booths and rooms for parties.  Good idea for an add-on to the Gaming tournament idea, or the ‘nice pub’ idea.

Ski holiday

There are some extremely affordable packages for small groups to go on a weekend ski break in Eastern Europe. With the favourable exchange rate, it's even more attractive for a party weekend away.  If you don’t have the budget for a Ski holiday, there are some great places to visit in North Wales. You could for example, book a cottage for the weekend near Snowdonia and go on the Zip Line before the party, and have a BBQ and/or a sing along in the evening.

A house party and a food truck

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned house party! Also, now that your son or daughter is older, there's less of a chance that someone will break something. If you want to top the whole thing off, find a local truck willing to swing by late in the night – no one will forget that. 

Theme parties

It's got to be something they're really into, but some people have a great time indulging in fancy dress. While the guests can be dressing up as characters from Star Wars of Game of Thrones, it gives the party hosts a chance to organise theme food and drink as well. Not for everyone, but for the right crowd it's perfect.

Try something really unique

Skydiving, flying lessons, dodgeball, bubble football. You can even rent some major professional sports grounds, like Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium, for a grandiose kick about.



Finally...If you're still struggling with the birthday present as well, or if you want to buy something a little bit different or ethical, consider the following:

- Animal Adoption with Aspinall
- Fair Trade products
- Something from the ethical superstore
 A Gift set from Green Tulip


Good luck!

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