Blood Drive Day: Pastor Chris Leads by Example


Posted on: 10 August 2018 by Ariyan Roy


June 14th is one of the most critical days in the calendar especially for those who have an interest in the medical field affairs. This is the day when the annual worldwide blood donation day is marked. The day was set apart to raise awareness among people from all walks of life about the essence of donating blood. During this day, many hospitals and other health institutions from various parts of the world engage in this crucial exercise. In many parts of the world, people are encouraged to spare time and visit a health facility for blood donation to aid those who need it. Usually, it is NGOs that are at the forefront in encouraging people to participate in this exercise.

This year’s edition is anticipated by numerous NGOs that aim to continue sensitizing people on the importance of donating blood. One of these bodies that are at the forefront of this exercise is Trauma Care International. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sponsors this non-profit making body's activity. Pastor Chris is the lead preacher at Christ Embassy Church. He aims at encouraging the church members and other volunteers to come out in large numbers and give blood on 30th June. Pastor Chris is vigilant in his quest to ensure that people understand the significance of this practice and he hopes that this is the beginning of other massive donation drives in the future.

Pastor Chris also purposes to create a network of individuals who will ensure that blood is availed to as many transfusion centers as possible. For this to be achieved, the preacher has formed Trauma Care International. The institution is meant to aid in the organizing of events that are aimed at raising awareness of the importance of blood donation. One of the significant projects that the organization has organized is the planned donation drive, and it is expected to be successful.

Trauma Care International also engages in other humanitarian activities other than blood donation. The organization’s primary objective is to improve the health of people in Africa and to minimize the numerous deaths that are a result of the inability to access modern healthcare services. They are currently donating treatment equipment to health facilities in the continent. Through this drive, Pastor Chris has sent a clear message to the world concerning the church’s commitment towards improving the livelihoods of the needy. The church has always advocated for helping the needy, and this is a perfect example that other religious organizations should follow.

Additionally, Trauma Care International Foundation delivers emergency healthcare services. The foundation has in the past participated in emergency drives in crisis-stricken areas in Africa. The organization understands that in such times, most of the victims are unable to afford the services. In respect to that, Trauma Care Foundation subsidizes the cost of the services to ensure that as many people as possible are helped. In cases where the victims cannot afford the services at all, Trauma Care International offers them what they require free of charge.

The organization is also active in educating teachers, students as well as government administrators on how to handle emergency situations. The blood donation drive is open for everyone who wishes to partake in it. Those who are interested should visit the organization’s website for more information on how to go about the exercise. The site has clear steps on how to undergo the registration process.

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