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Posted on: 23 February 2018 by Sudipta Pal

In nowadays a lot of people have the ability to work from their own place.

They prefer to work out of their strict office, creating the perfect environment in their own house and the result is way more creative.

Working from home can be considered as a blessing but the place we are going to work from, needs to be convenient in a way that it is not going to distract us. So if you are a lucky one, you need to transform your home office into a quiet, beautiful, relaxing place that will enhance your professional performance. Let’s find out the rules that need to be followed.

No pets allowed

Everyone who owns a dog or another pet really loves their company and the way these little animals can change your life. However, this special friend can distract someone’s attention that really needs to focus and keep working. You really need to forbid your precious pet entering your home office during the hours you are working.

Follow the light

The right lighting affects your mood and, therefore, your daily performance at work. So try to avoid artificial light and choose the brightest room of the house to turn it into your office and you will see your performance will get a lot higher. You can also add some lamps behind your office desk, so as you will have the proper lighting when the night falls.

The right heating

Your office must be at the right temperature in order to help you be more productive. According to some researches, a cold room can be the main cause of the typographical mistakes you make. The perfect temperature is about 25 degrees Calcium. You do not have to be in a cold room but you do not also have to be in a really warm room too.

The right color

It is very important to pick the right color for your office room. It is advisable to choose wisely what colors you will paint your walls because you are going to spend a lot of time in there. If you have a concentration problem, green and blue color will help to enhance your attention and performance. Respectively, if you experience an inspirational problem, the yellow will fill you with energy, liveliness and optimism! Finally, it is advisable to avoid the bright red that can easily distract you. You can also put some a Ceramic Tiles Pattern in a wall of your room that is going to make you clear your mind watching its wonderful details.

The better the less

Do not fill your office with gadgets and objects that have no reason to exist in it. The reason is obvious: they will keep your mind away from its purpose. You should keep inside the office all the things that are absolutely necessary. Instead of buying useless gadgets, you should invest your money on an ergonomic keyboard, a better screen and the right chair which is very important for the safety of your back.

Do not forget to add some plants

Placing some plants in your work office is very important. Beyond their color, plants have a positive effect on your mood, increasing your professional performance while having relaxing action, significantly reducing stress levels.

The most important thing if you work from home is finding what really calms you and makes you productive and creative. When you work from home, you are the boss of yourself and you really need to be as strict as it takes in order to have the best results. Just focus on the fact that you decide what is good for you. And maybe you can have one day off, along with your dog!

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Sudipta Pal

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