Bucking the Trend: Choosing Jewellery That Will Last a Lifetime


Posted on: 31 December 2013 by Isobel Summers

Every year the fashion world comes out with a whole new way to wear accessories. More often than not it won’t just be one way, but a whole host of ways which differ wildly from last year’s styles and necessitate the bulk buying of as many glossies as possible, in order to discover which items are more preferable than others

It all seems like a lot of bother, doesn’t it? Luckily, there’s a way around this annual accessories splurge which many women have cottoned on to and used as a means of avoiding all the stress of new season purchasing.

Rise Above the Crowd

This method is, of course, to simply ignore the latest trends and accessorise your outfits according to your own innate sense of style. Many women do this, including celebrities – where else do you think so many of these designers get their inspiration from? Not only will you not be following the crowd, but you might even start your own style revolution!

Perhaps most importantly, not following trends also means not having to replace your jewellery twice a year. Styling for yourself, rather than simply following someone else’s recommendations, will ensure that whatever you pick will most likely remain suitable from one year to the next.

Avoid Trend-Led Purchasing

Ignoring trends is often harder than it seems, but there are ways to help yourself avoid the trap of making purchases based on mass mentality. Avoiding high street chains is a good method; instead, choose retailers such as Zayah, who offer bespoke services alongside their ready-made designs.

If you’re not afraid to spend a little money, look for timeless pieces that will work well with any outfit. Think about buying jewellery as you would about purchasing a capsule wardrobe by purchasing a small selection of pieces which will complement a wide array of outfits. And if your budget won’t stretch to diamonds, opt for plain jewellery with neutral gemstones instead.

Above All, Be Yourself

A good piece of jewellery can make or break an outfit, so whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will suit your existing wardrobe. But don’t forget that your jewellery also has to suit you. If you have a taste for vintage, don’t be afraid to wear a beautiful antique brooch. And if you like tribal, go for that pair of large, colourful earrings – you won’t regret it. Jewellery is about revealing your personality through thoughtful detailing, so if you’ve decided to break with trends and be yourself, be the best you that you can possibly be.

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