Can't keep a clean craft station? Here's the solution


Posted on: 30 July 2018 by Graham Smith

If you’re like me and you’ve spent your life expressing yourself in various creative ways, you know how important it is to have a specially designated space where you can turn your constant flow of ideas into reality.

There is something truly magical about turning your figments of imagination into something tangible you can actually hold in your hand. However, as splendid as this might be, there always comes a time when you have to face the facts, that your coffee table is not the most suitable of places where you can give life to your art and crafts projects. Cleaning after those hectic sessions can get extremely exhausting too. This is when the holy craft station enters the stage and blows your mind.
This is probably the most ordinary and yet so extraordinary pieces of furniture one could own in their house. It usually belongs in your office or crafts room and can take up to a whole wall. This is where your various crafting bits and bobs live and wait to be used in your next amazing project. A friend of mine and a professional technician at Islington Cleaners gave me an idea - for an even more space-optimized version, it can be placed in a wall niche and take no actual space in the room which will make cleaning even easier. Add curtains which go well with the rest of the room décor and you have yourself an easy way to hide away any unfinished projects chaos, that might occur. 
Now to the organization itself. On our pursuit to tidy and eye-pleasing craft station, the good layout is essential. Make sure you utilize every possible centimeter of your designated space starting from the bottom. Place a couple of containers right on the floor and label each of them with the type of fabrics it will contain. Implement a sturdy wooden chest in which you can put bulkier objects. A great idea to fully use it, is to put rails on the inside of the chest top and hang any ribbon, wire or yarn spools you might have. This way you’ll be able to roll as much of them as you want without the risk of dropping them on the floor. 
On the wall right above it you can nail two by two hangers on different levels, so that you can place bigger rolls of wrapping paper on them and use them in the same manner. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re working with and plan your shopping accordingly. Multiple shelves will help you store heavier objects such as boxes with crayons and pencils, jars full of buttons or pins, or other smaller pieces you should store with care. Color coordination can help you immensely, if you have one object in a variety of colors. 
The space left above it all can be easily used as storage for larger horizontal containers with items, you don’t use as often as the rest. Place a well-fortified with metal brackets shelf there. On it you can put as many clear plastic containers as you wish. Label each of them with the things it stores and keep them in good order. You can also store other bigger boxes there and not worry about cleaning around or them taking too much space. 
Keeping everything well-organized since day one is vital when it comes to maintaining a clean craft station. Neutral wall colors will help you see any misplaced objects and will complement very well the colorful items on display. 

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Graham Smith


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