Characteristics Of Structure And Elements


Posted on: 02 January 2015 by Sarah Victor

This blog is about the camping tents and travel tips,

Based on the type of tent and design features defined climatic seasons. The better material and more complex design, the higher the cost of the tent.
Characteristics of structural elements
Today, the tent is a rather complex product. During its manufacture the most modern technologies, which on allows for maximum strength and durability while at elevated operating tent. When choosing a Party tents, always inspect it and examine the structural elements. Do not be amiss and Lake on with fittings. Never not to bathe tent without first unpack it.

Zippers, buttons, and various other fasteners must be qualitatively stitched. Those elements which by up for ADDITIONAL on load must have reinforced frame. Blocks, eyelets should be smooth and free of burrs, otherwise they can to tear the protective layer of the tent and form a gap.

If the tent has shattered construction joints bad you by yang, it is better to postpone this model and to look next.

Passing on the RT product
Any product has a pass for Hg producer. Technical pass by RT - a document which spelled out the basic technological and physical characteristics of the product. Also pass by the mouth indicates instructions for assembling the tent. You can also specify the reasons for which you do not have to collect tent.

On to recent page, the manufacturer usually prescribes warranty. If you pass on the RT product is not available, it means that the tent is not made on the on the standards adopted in on with the state.
As for tourist tents, then pass by mouth may be prescribed by the results of various tests, which for this group of goods. Be sure they will learn they can to influence on your choice!

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