Chasing the Winter Sun


Posted on: 26 November 2010 by Ken Harris

Tips please on motorhoming to the Algarve alone

I'm crossing by ferry to Santander and want to visit Santiago de Compostela and various places of interest on my way to a campsite in the Algarve for 2 months. Is it OK to stay on Aires when you are by yourself?

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Gareth Hargreaves posted 29 November 2010

Hi Ken,
I have never tried motorhoming so can't offer any tips. However I have flagged it to the regulars in the forums and I'm sure they'll be of greater help than I.
Hope your trip is everything you hope for. It would be good if you could update us with photos and the odd review - just to keep us going through the winter frost and snow. ;¬)

Here is the forum thread



romi gupta posted 20 August 2019

Hi Ken,

Is it OK to stay on Aires when you are by yourself? Fax Cover Sheet

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