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Posted on: 07 February 2019 by Andre Macfarlan

Chicken can be called healthy or unhealthy depending on how it is prepare as deep-fried chicken doesn't have any health advantages but roasted chicken has various health advantages. It is one of the largest sources of protein as 100 g of poultry has 18 grams of protein

Chicken is the favorite dish of virtually every meat eater. Light on devoid and stomach of unhealthy fats has a rather adaptive taste that blends nicely with all types of spices. Chicken is one of the kinds of beef that is lean, Should you remove the skin and can be drawn up into quite a few delectable recipes.
Chicken can be called healthy or unhealthy depending on how it is prepare as deep-fried chicken doesn't have any health advantages but roasted chicken has various health advantages. It is one of the largest sources of protein as 100 g of poultry has 18 grams of protein.
Nice -- Chicken Tikka:
This is tikka masala's goody-two-shoes cousin -- all of the nutritional goodness, none of the drawbacks. Both dishes start exactly the same off -- chicken breast marinated in a yogurt, garlic and ginger marinade, cooked'tender' .
However, in which the masala version then gets a decadent, creamy sauce, plain chicken tikka remains a wholesome takeaway. Drink it perhaps a bit of mango chutney, with a chapati and you receive a pat.
But why is it so nutritious? Chicken is high and low in protein. Yoghurt supplies a lot of calcium and protein. Garlic is great for your heart and circulatory system, thanks to plant chemicals that make your blood less'sticky'. Team it with my ideas of salad and chapatti , and you're becoming starchy carbohydrates for energy, plus a contribution towards your five a day from all those veggies. Brilliant!
Naughty -- Chicken Tikka Masala:
It's orange, creamy and we adore it! chicken malai tikka masala accounts for one in seven curries sold in the UK.
A lot of men and women get confused between tikka and tikka masala. Consider it this way,'masala' simply means'curry'-- and the curry is where the calories lie.
It is baked spicy chicken in a vivid creamy sauce, and it is generally served with rice. The chicken is marinated to make it tender, then baked -- that is the chicken tikka component of the recipe. Subsequently the chef whips up the sauce, cooking in that and the chicken absorbs.
At first glance, the ingredients seem pretty good for you -- lean chicken breast, garlic and ginger, plus onions, tomato, and curry spices like chilli, turmeric and cumin. But it's combined with a generous helping of double cream, and that's what makes this dish so indulgent. The other half is berries, that can be wellbeing food in my book. However, all that lotion bumps up the fat and calorie count -- carrying this dish squarely into'naughty' territory.
Benefits of eating chicken:
- Useful in controlling blood pressure
- Beneficial in reducing weight as it is satiating and is filled with protein
- aids in preventing cataracts and skin disorders
- Lowers the risk of heart and cholesterol ailments
Did you know?
Below is the fat content of various parts of chicken:
- Chicken Breast (With skin)-7gram, (Without Skin)-3g
- Chicken Thighs (With epidermis ) 22g,(Without skin) -25g
- Chicken Wing (with skin)-27g,(without skin) -30g
- Chicken Leg (With skin)-11g, (Without skin) - 11g
Measures to be taken while buying chicken:
- Read the tag.
- Check to see whether the chicken is wrapped well in plastic or put in a tightly sealed plastic box.
- Prevent purchasing chicken with tags which say"reduced price".
- Look at the use-by date.
Different Approaches to cook chicken:
It is among the most versatile foods on Earth, chicken can be roasted, roasted, broiled, sautéed, braised, or fried.
- Roasted- The chicken is oven-cooked at medium heat 80º C (350º F) in an open pan.
- Braising- Using this method, the chicken is slow-cooked on low heat in a casserole.
- Poached- With this process, chicken pieces are cooked at a simmering liquid.
- Grilling- About the griller or on the barbecue, the chicken is seared quickly over medium-high heat.
- Sauteing or stir-fry: Chicken is cooked within medium-high heat in a frying pan.
Tips to Generate Perfect Tikka Everytime:
1- Marinate the chicken overnight (if time permits).
This helps in tenderizing the chicken farther and helps it absorb all of the flavors from spices .
Two - When utilizing Wooden Skewers, soak them in warm water for 20-30 minutes.
This can be extremely important and averts the wooden skewers from burning when you grill or bake the tikka.
3- Use fresh chicken instead of a suspended one as its tender and fresh.
4- If using'Kasoori Methi/Dry Fenugreek Leaves', then simply sprinkle them 5-10 minutes before grilling/baking.
As marinating the chicken in these leaves may make the chicken sour.
5- to make the chicken extra succulent, slather a generous quantity of oil/ghee on top before serving.
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John Laine posted 22 February 2019

This recipe is great. It's pretty easy to cook, nutritious and healthy at the same time. I wish I knew this recipe when I was in college because I ate some unhealthy food there. So when my son went college I started to look for some articles with tips on how to eat healthily. Then I found this article which seemed informative to me. I shared these tips with son, and he is very thankful for them.


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