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Posted on: 01 January 2015 by estella tristan

Your camp will be filled with water to the same down to the gorge is always blowing in the wind, and by lowering of the ground accumulates cold air. I

On opportunities should be selected section of the coast or the edge, on pyres or meadows that would be protected from the wind, dry, but at the same time near the water, where they could gather firewood and wood for the fire to warm, dry clothes and cook food. You cannot choose the place for the night and on Konev camp on d earth slope, by e steep bank, on d on victim snow because of the possibility of collapse.

CAUTION  should be at five, the air temperature in the woods at 1-5 degrees higher than in the open field. In the forest is left to join need to spruce etc. - these forest pyramid able to retain heat, for good reason it is in their branches crossbills hatching in the winter cold. But on to keep in mind that in the case of strong wind or unexpectedly on flying hurricanes on, camping lanterns on thunderstorms bummer branches can to suffer serious injury.

Not recommended as a tent or break equip accommodation at the bottom of a ravine in to rivers, falling on the x and mountain gorges: in case of rain, your camp will be filled with water to the same down to the gorge is always blowing in the wind, and by lowering of the ground accumulates cold air. In d too tall trees that stand out in the woods, too, should not choose a place overnight, because in case of lightning, they can by mouth to Dr. Thunderbolt. Of course, if for Haulage in the long term is better to take with a canvas tent and sleeping bags.

CAUTION not much warmer to sleep dressed in a robe and on it.

The main issue in terms of the equipment of the camp, is still a tent and their quantity. Tents come in a variety on in. On convenient are the type of "house", "turtle". Tents can be on Konev - light and small for one - three men and camp on the spacious.

Where to pitch a tent?

1. On a dry place and at such at chive, which does not retain water (for example, sandstones at me with little vegetation, or on the grass on the slope of the light, if possible). Beware of high green grass, have to slopes, because for after rain tent will be “on the swamp.”
2. Not in the woods, not on d tree, and on the edge of the forest.
3. on the sunny side. It is important that in the morning when the ground is moist to me, as soon as possible the sun warmed the tent.
4. Put the tent on level ground, the rear wall to the wind, so that the wind does not beat out in the direction of the tent, and blew the entrance.
5. Doll on to near a good source of drinking water and firewood for the fireplace and a kitchen.

Avoid to pitch a tent near:
•    Channel "dried" streams that for after the rain can "resurrect" and take down the tent.
•    Rocks, from which stones can crumble.
•    Grazing cattle, which can be a visit

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