Choosing a necklace for your party outfit or a loved one


Posted on: 31 December 2013 by Isobel Summers

At this time of year many of us find ourselves going to a lot of parties and having a lot of reasons to dress up in a nice outfit, or buy a nice gift for that someone special to wear and help them feel special.

Choosing the right necklace to go with the right outfit isn’t always something that is easy, as different styles work better with different types of clothing. Here are some tips that you might want to consider when choosing one to go with your party outfit, or to buy for that someone special as a treat.

If you are buying it for someone else, try and sneak a peek at the outfit that they will be wearing beforehand so you can choose something that matches.

First of all...

Once you’ve seen the outfit, you should think about the reason that you are going out. If you are going to something sophisticated or classy, then you may want something simple, but if you are going out purely for fun, you might want something bolder.

 The V-neck

If you or your loved one like to wear a V neck shaped dress, then something that drops a little lower down their neck would work nice, especially if it has a nice but simple pendent on it. You can try choosing something in a colour that will match the outfit. A shorter necklace will help to draw focus to your face and away from chest area.

The high shirt

If you don’t like to wear dresses and are deciding to go out in a shirt that comes quite high up your neck, then you might want to wear a necklace that dangles quite low, and you can often get away with a larger and bolder piece, depending on the occasion.


If you are wearing a strapless dress of top, then the advice is generally to wear a choker style necklace that drops down, or a necklace that hits your collar bone. In addition to this you could also add some nice earrings or a bracelet.

Halter neck

If you think that you will be wearing a halter neck dress or top that fastens around your neck, you might want to leave the necklace off all together and choose a different type of jewellery to focus on and draw attention to instead.

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