Choosing Your First Aquarium


Posted on: 19 December 2013 by Tom Nelson

An article about choosing your first aquarium

Have your children been clamouring for a pet to look after? Or do you simply fancy trying your hand at keeping fish? Whatever your circumstances, it’s important to choose the right aquarium for your new pets. It is, after all, where they will spend all their time. Choose a company that have a good selection of tried and tested aquariums, like All Pond Solutions.

What Size Do I Need?        

It’s always advisable to go for the biggest tank you can afford. Having more space will improve the quality of life of your fish and even make them live longer. Look at where you want to put the tank and start measuring up before you start shopping for aquariums. Another consideration is the number and size of the fish you want to keep. Overfilling your tank with fish is a rookie mistake and means that you can lose your pets very quickly.

Glass or Acrylic?

Glass tanks are more traditional and are often preferred for aesthetic reasons. They don’t scratch easily and are cheaper than their acrylic counterparts. Acrylic tanks offer many advantages as they are lighter, they have a higher tensile strength, they offer better clarity when you’re looking in at the fish and they can be more easily drilled into for specialist pipe work. Under no circumstances should you keep fish in a glass bowl, despite what the kids might’ve seen in cartoons.

Where Should My Tank be Placed?

Choose somewhere quiet because fish are easily distressed. You don’t want them to spend all their time hiding away, particularly if you have children who are keen to watch them swimming. Avoid putting you aquarium near windows and radiators as this can cause abrupt changes in temperature. If your tank is in direct sunlight then algae will grow faster and your aquarium will need to be cleaned more regularly.

Don’t Overdo the Decoration

Your children might insist on filling the new tank with lots of ornaments and brightly coloured gravel, but this can prove very stressful for fish as the decorative elements aren’t part of their natural habitat. Keep ornaments to a minimum and choose neutral gravel for healthy and happy fish. Make sure you get a hood for your new aquarium to hold light and keep the surface of the water clean. If you’re worried about fish jumping out, buying a hood is a great solution.

Once your aquarium is chosen and bought, you can start to fill it with fish.

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