Consider Sailing Holidays in Croatia


Posted on: 26 January 2015 by TanyaAE

Croatian coast will conquer you with ease. Something that needs to be experienced sooner rather than later.

After having the best time ever on my last holiday, I'd recommend you to consider sailing holidays in Croatia for your next big adventure.

I heard the Dalmatian islands needed to be experienced sooner rather than later, so I chartered a boat and visited Brac, Hvar, and Korcula while also spending a lot of time relaxing on the deck.

The Islands Are Rich In History

This is one thing I wasn't expecting when I explored the islands, but I was left pleasantly surprised and came away with a deeper understanding of Croatia's rich history. Although the islands have been inhabited by multiple rulers over the centuries they've never lost their charm. When you visit Hvar you'll have to visit Stari Grad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also walk along the great city walls.

Fill Your Belly With Delicious Food

The islands have their own special delights you can try including goat's cheese in olive oil, juicy egg and milk pudding, stuffed lamb's leg with scented grass, and wild cabbage salad. Korcula is even famous for its sweets made completely by hand. Herbs grow in the wild everywhere on the islands and they add a flavorsome taste to every dish you won't find anywhere else.


Sip On Their Delicious Wines

Croatia produces excellent wines and you'll get to taste a whole range of them when you're eating out at night. What makes the local wines so unique is that they're produced in many of the islands vineyards. Even if you don't drink wine on a regular basis you'll need to spend a few days exploring the vineyards and tasting the best wines the islands have to offer.

Wonderful Beaches To Visit

There are wonderful beaches scattered all around the islands and if you love a little alone time you won't have any difficulty picking out an idyllic spot for a bit of sunbathing. When it's time to cool off you can run into the Adriatic Sea and you'll be able to see your feet on the bottom because the waters surrounding the islands are so clear. Don't forget to take a swim on a world famous beach Zlatni Rat in Bol (Brac).

The Warmness Of The People

I hate going on holiday and being looked upon as nothing more than an ATM machine, but the locals I interacted with on the islands acted in the complete opposite manner. They actually took the time to sit and talk with me for ages about all the things I should do and see during my holiday. Everyone has a big heart and it might feel strange in the beginning if you live in a busy city where it's normal to ignore people.
One More Quick Tip

It might sound easier to jump from island to island on a ferry, but you'll miss out on most of the adventure. To be able to go where you want at the drop of a hat, plus it's a lot more pleasant sailing on the sea without hundreds of people standing beside you, I suggest you charter a vessel and explore yourself.

Try to check out the islands I visited on my trip, but I can tell you there are plenty more to see.

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