Continue Your Career as You Travel the World: Five Jobs for Skilled Workers Over 50


Posted on: 30 September 2014 by Joanne Miller

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, a person changes their job every four and a half years. Of course the feeling of security you get from having a steady job is precious, but, more often than not, the routine starts to weigh on you. And probably, you feel you need a change. This change can come in many forms - some people find a new job, others take up a new hobby, but, not many of them consider ‘a career’ of a traveler.

While travelling comes with certain oddities, it is an opportunity to experience the places you've always wanted and it can expose you to new cultures around the globe. The great thing is that you don’t have to get up and just go, leaving everything behind you - you can take your work with you and give it a brand new twist. Below are five unique ways to work while you travel the globe.

World/Environmental Blogger

If you already have a long established career as a writer, then this job is certainly for you. Not many people are lucky to have their careers integrated with their passions. However, if you do decide to travel the world and you also have a love for writing, then you can use your skills to your advantage. Many businesses and companies are looking for people that can write about the world and the environment as they travel.


Temporary Physician (Locum Tenens)

The medical field is certainly a tough field to leave. One way to get around the difficulty of leaving a lucrative career in the medical field is to bring the medical field with you. Temporary physicians, or Locum Tenens, are individuals that work on a temporary basis nearly anywhere in the world. The best way to find these types of jobs is to appeal to recruitment organizations that specialize in employing individuals on these types of positions.  However, keep in mind that the agency you choose does not need to depend on your citizenship. The type of agency you choose should simply appeal to your needs.

Teach English

For those in the educational field, you can bring your expertise anywhere you go. Many countries are looking for individuals that are able to teach their local populations English. The most beautiful aspect of teaching English as you travel is that you can provide a useful service to many individuals. In addition, there are dozens of organizations available that can help you find a position.

Master of the Waters

Fishing and boating are activities that allow you to truly relax and enjoy nature. If you are an adventurous fisher and boater though, then there are even options worldwide that can allow you to do what you love and get paid for it. For example, yacht masters, yacht crew, and water sports staff.

Professional Positions

Working in management does not mean that your work must be confined to an office setting. You can now take your skills and expertise with you as you travel the world. For instance, VSO helps place travellers in temporary management positions within businesses and companies worldwide. Some of its most popular professional positions are in the fields of education, healthcare, IT, and engineering.

Working as you travel can be one of the most fulfilling experiences that you will ever have. The options above are meant for individuals that are content with leaving the workforce in their home countries and turning their work into one of the greatest opportunities out there. Whatever career options you choose, you can be certain that it will be well worth it.


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