Could Toys From Your Childhood Be Worth A Fortune?


Posted on: 27 July 2017 by John Bell

There have always been toys that are worth money when they're in good condition, but did you know that some toys, games and computers from decades ago have become extremely rare and collectible, and could be worth a small fortune today?

If you're anything like me then you'll think back to the toys and games from your childhood with a fond nostalgia, and you may even have a few kept lying around to remind you of simpler times. They might be old, worn action figures, that classic Atari games console or mint-in-box model cars, but chances are if you looked you'd still have a few hidden away in boxes in the attic or the garage. 

But did you know that in many cases, these toys may hold more than just sentimental value? Many of the toys from decades past are now quite rare, and it seems that collectors may be worth to part with hefty sums to get hold of them. Of course if they're in good condition or even still in the box then they will be worth more, but even well-worn, much loved toys and games can command a decent price. 

I wouldn't expect to make anything really life changing - unless you happen to have one of the world's most expensive toys hiding in your basement - but everything from classic video games to Star Wars figures can be sold for a decent sum. 

So what kind of things might hold a value? Let's look at a few of the ones worth keeping an eye out for: 

Gardbage Pail Kids Cards - could be worth thousands if they're in good condition

Star Wars figures - if you happen to have any in their box, you could be sitting on a lot of money

PEZ dispensers - these plastic candy-dispensers can be quite rare, and some are very valuable

Hot Wheels - many of us had these as kids, and some can be worth a lot of money

Vintage Atari cartridges - can be extremely rare and valuable. On top of this, rare games for the Mega Drive, Master System and NES can all fetch tidy sums

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John Bell

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