Creating Your Spring Garden Checklist


Posted on: 30 April 2018 by Tom Clark

Now that the cold winter months are behind us

Now that the cold winter months are behind us, it’s time to start looking forward to the warmer days ahead. There’s nothing quite like being able to get back out into the garden and start getting it into the best shape for the spring/summer, but after a heavy winter there is often a lot to do. In order to make sure you’re ticking every box with your spring gardening, here’s a few important steps to remember to add to your checklist.

Tidy Up Flowerbeds

It doesn’t matter whether you have flowers that have started to blossom, or your flowerbeds are currently bare and lacking life, it’s still important to tidy them up and ensure they’re ready for the summer. Your flowerbeds experience a lot due to the heavy weather through winter and this can cause them to lose their soil, gather debris and even start to look lifeless. Start your spring gardening by refreshing your flowerbeds and tidying them up a little. If you struggle to bend or kneel for too long, you can find some really handy kneel pads here.

Neaten Hedges and Bushes

Grab yourself a hedge cutter and a safe pair of ladders and get to work on making sure your hedges look neat and tidy. Having overgrown or misshaped hedges can really change the overall look of your garden, making it look untidy and messy, so it’s always beneficial to get to work on neatening that area up. You can find lots of safe, easy to use ladders right here to help you get the job done without hurting yourself or causing any unwanted damage! If climbing up a ladder and using a hedge trimmer isn’t going to work for you, you can always use your trimmers to snip your hedges back into the shape they should be, you can even use a stepping stool or small step ladder to get the job done.

Stock up on Seeds

Having the right seeds to add to your garden will give you plenty of opportunity to brighten up those flowerbeds. By selecting your seeds early, you can start to plan the way you want your garden to look, giving it plenty of colour and life for the spring and summer months. Head to your local garden centre and find the best seeds to plant at this time of year. Be sure to select seeds that are going to flower in time for the summer months, as you want to make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy them. Once you know exactly what you want in your garden, you can add them to your flowerbeds and create a beautiful flowery focal point that will instantly catch everyone’s attention.

Feed the Birds

May and June are the months that often see the most birds visiting your garden, as not only is the weather nice and fresh for them, but you also find that it’s the perfect time to leave seeds out which the birds are very aware of. By adding some bird houses or nest boxes to your garden, you are able to invite the wildlife into your garden and watch as they come and enjoy the seeds you have left out peacefully. Having birds enter your garden is always a beautiful moment, especially when you’ve deliberately left them food to enjoy, so it’s always worth popping a few batches of seeds outside for them to tuck into.

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