Dating Advice and Tips for Over 60’s


Posted on: 29 June 2018 by Dawn Richard

For people aged 60 and over, there are a number of issues that can cause problems in finding someone special to share the rest of their life with.

Dating can be difficult for older people. For people aged 60 and over, there are a number of issues that can cause problems in finding someone special to share the rest of their life with. Some people may have been married for a long time and lost their significant other and other people may not have had the chance to find another partner and struggle to get back into the dating world. People over 60 who are divorced, lost their partner or have retired can soon start to struggle to be alone. Over 60’s may become isolated especially if they live alone and don’t have a big friendship group. 
Dating shouldn’t be scary but should be fun and exciting.  There are plenty of easy ways to help over 60’s the chance to become more social, expand their friendship group and potentially meet someone to take out on a date. 
Don’t try too hard or overthink things too much. Many people find someone to go on a date with from their everyday life. This could be from work, local area or hobbies and clubs you might attend. If you have a hobby or interest then why not join the local club where you can meet other people your age that have the same interests. This will not only help you get out of the house and be social but give you the chance to make friends and possibly find someone to ask out on a date. There are plenty of groups for people over 60 including tennis, bowls, squash, dancing, book clubs and plenty more.
By having a common interest with someone, it helps to have a topic of conversation and place to meet every week before going on a date outside of the club. If you go to a bowling club every week and see the same person there, this is a perfect chance to start a conversation. A friendship can form and a potential date and relationship can flourish. By finding someone who has common interests as you, it allows the conversation to flow and friendships to develop. 
Online dating is the most popular way to find partners due to the easy access to the Internet for dating websites and apps. There are plenty of websites where users can sign up and meet people online to chat with an invite on dates. These sites can vary on sexuality, relationship type and age. For over 60’s, there are plenty of dating sites tailored to the over 60’s allowing older people to find partners of a similar age in close proximity. 
With the recent surge in online dating, it is evident that finding love online is one of the best ways in recent years. Getting back into the dating game can be daunting especially after a divorce, losing a partner or struggling with loneliness. Online dating makes it easy for older people to communicate with one another without the awkward encounters whilst they get to know each other. 
Being Positive
One of the best pieces of advice anyone can get for dating is to be positive. Being positive in all situations can only help and this is in particular in dating situations. If you are truly ready for the dating game again you will have to be open to new experiences and new people and this comes with being positive. If you have a positive attitude you will have more confidence to chat to more people and be more approachable for anyone who wants to chat with you and ask you for a date.

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