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Posted on: 04 August 2014 by Anna Gibson

I am talking about morbid anxiety described in various anxiety disorders. For anxiety disorders include: Panic disorder Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Social anxiety disorder or social phobia, Specific phobias, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),

Generalized anxiety disorder
Severe stress in daily life can lead to anxiety, such as a divorce or a life-threatening illness. Other things that can cause anxiety is to abuse alcohol or other drugs. But you can also get anxiety without knowing why. Then it can be difficult to manage, but whatever caused the anxiety can help, and be well. For further details visit 60 Second Panic Solution Review

Anxiety - Symptoms
The pathological anxiety produces the same feelings of excitement, anxiety or panic at the regular angst but you do not understand what is behind making the anxiety harder to both endure and process. Typical signs of anxiety are:
Lump in throat
Dry mouth
Tense muscles
Shortness of breath

Treatment of Anxiety
At morbid anxiety is the alarm system hypersensitive and strobes but that there is a threat or danger. This type of anxiety can be treated with psychological methods and medication. The psychotherapeutic method that has the best effect is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). When drug therapy is used mainly SSRIs, which restores serotoninballansen in the brain.

Did you know ...
One in three women and one in five men will at some point in their lives suffer from an anxiety disorder.
The social costs of anxiety disorders is counted to around 12 billion per year in the form of reduced productivity, increased morbidity and mortality and increased consumption of somatic care.

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