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Posted on: 07 March 2014 by John Miller

Croatia is the most beautiful island destination that is explored via yachts or gullets the best.

Turkey, Greece and Croatia are some of the most beautiful island destinations that are explored via yachts or gullets the best. It is recommended to book your yacht charter Croatia in advance so that you can be sure of your yachting vessel and able to explore the beautiful islands.

You can begin your sailing journey from the Dalmatian coast of Split or Dubrovnik. Trips via yachts can never be complete if you miss the most famous and amazing island gallery in Croatia. You can explore several islands only if you have planned a week long cruise trip. Whenever you plan for any sailing journey, it is advised that you should need to decide your favorite destinations first. As you all know that Croatia contains a huge galore of breathtaking islands which are approx more than a thousand. Though it is not possible to explore all of them, but you can plan your trip accordingly.

Think about the famous locations which you want to explore at any cost and initiate your trip accordingly. The popular regions include Zadar, Dubrovnik, Split or Rovinj. Charter companies and  several other Croatia tourism online portals can provide you detailed information about all the islands that are inhabited, which you can include as embark and disembark points.

It is quite possible that you may not have any idea about the outstanding destinations in Croatia, in this situation you can take the help of the yacht planner to make the right choice. After deciding upon the four regions, you can select the one you want to visit and stay. There are separate itineraries available for the different regions. By selecting Dubrovnik as your starting point of cruising journey, you will be able to explore the west part of the Mediterranean region and its surrounding areas. After that the yacht finally reaches to the other part of the Croatia heading to Split. In your journey from Dubrovnik to Split, you can have a chance to explore islands like Mijet, Lastove and many more on the way.

The decisions of charting a vessel, totally depends on your choice and budget. But remember, no matter which yacht you select for yourself, they will charge you separately for drinks, food and other activities. You can visit their official website to know more about them and their services. You can enjoy real fun if you participate in various water sports and adventures, but for this you have to plan your vacation in the right season.


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