Do you love kids? Why not open up a Little House of Science child franchise branch


Posted on: 06 October 2016 by Little House

What could be the best way to show your love for children than by organizing educational opportunities for them? An education franchise offers a significant service that helps nurture the development of children.

What could be the best way to show your love for children than by organizing educational opportunities for them? An education franchise offers a significant service that helps nurture the development of children. From preschool services to a test preparation center, education franchise can be a truly rewarding career for those who want to play a significant role in nurturing young minds. Franchise opportunities are exciting and require nothing more than your passion and ability to maintain.
What is Little House of Science?
Little House of Science is an education based franchise that offers after school Science and Math based workshops for the age group of 3-11 years.  The math and science club franchise of Little House of Science can also be opened in nurseries and schools. The aim of these after school classes is to meet the needs of a child’s early development, by encouraging him to participate in activities that involve his / her environment. Here, children experiment, play and learn. 
If you are interested in an education franchise business, Little House of Science can help you build one. This institution enables emerging businessmen to expand their businesses by opening new franchises in different areas, in partnership with leading institutes, such as, the Institute of Physics, London Museum and its participation in the Imperial College London.
Little House of Science aims to expand their business by offering franchise to institutions and companies who have the potential and passion to run an already established business name. As a franchise of Little House of Science, you will be offering 10-40 classes weekly by enrolling about 600 students. The responsibility of hiring a team of teacher and hosting the classes will be a shared responsibility. Classes may be hosted at third party settings, so there is an edge for not running all the classes at the same time. It is possible to charge more in the commercial areas as parents understand the value for early science and math education.  This can allow you to increase your profits and expand your business in a short time period. 
What will you be doing as a franchisee? 
As a representative of Little House of Science, you will be offering the following classes and programs: 
- Little Discovery - Target age group 6-24 months 
- Little Math, Rhythm and Shape- (Target age group 2-4 years) It covers activities like learning rhythms, shapes, animals and basic science like planets, transport and sea life. 
- Little science- (Target age group 3-8 years) It is a weekly workshop involving interactive and fun science experiments.
- Big Science- (Target age group 8-11 years) It is a weekly workshop that teaches basic understanding of science to children. 
- LHS Academy (target age group 12-13 years) It is a higher level education workshop that trains children for the GCSE science. 
- Science shows and fairs: there are events and parties for all age groups, it helps encourage new enrollments. 
By opening a Little House of Science franchise in a new area you will be running a high profit business as well as helping students with their early childhood learnings. 

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