Drum Pump Market Report Offers Intelligence and Forecast till 2017 – 2027


Posted on: 13 March 2018 by Sudipta Pal

The storage demands of industrial fluids are such that filling barrels and tanks is a task

Across the globe, more and more countries are turning their focus to industrial development. Both developed and developing countries are placing particular emphasis on the growth of their industrial bases. That has meant that the demand for oil and lubricants has increased substantially. Keeping in mind that the vast majority of oils and lubricants are packed, transported and sold in drums, tanks, and barrels.  Drum pump provider, Flux Pumps has seen a significant increase in demand for portable drum pumps.

In this particular regard, drum pumps are now a staple equipment for businesses that handle diesel oil, gasoline, engine oil, hydraulic oil, and lubricants. Additionally, the pump is also used by businesses that deal with milk, vegetable oil, corrosive liquids, and much more.

Drum Pump for Transferring Industrial Fluid
The storage demands of industrial fluids are such that filling barrels and tanks is a task best handled by the portable pumps. For instance, since most industries use large storage tanks to store the industrial tanks, using methods such as tipping to fill such tanks is obviously out of the question. Tipping is not only inefficient in terms of time and energy expended, but it also places the workers involved in the process under immense risk of injury. There is also the inherent risk of spillage. It is little wonder that drum pumps are the best solution for filling storage and transport tanks.

The fact that there is virtually no other solution to compete with the drum pump means that moving forward, we can expect the demand for these machines to increase substantially. Additionally, as oil, lubricant, chemicals, and milk become sought after, you can expect the demand for drum pumps to increase substantially. Keep in mind that companies dealing with fluid products prefer to transport their products in large containers that help in saving space and thus lower the transportation cost. Thus the work that the drum pumps engage cannot be done away with.

Drum Pump for Dispensing Liquid
At the other end, after the fluids have been transported, drum pumps come in handy in dispensing liquids from the transport tanks to tanks and barrels. The pump allows for a speedy transfer of liquids, all the while negating the possibility of any spillages occurring. Importantly, they allow operators to control the flow of the liquids in precisely using their ball valves. This contributes to the demand for these machines. Moving forward, as more petrochemical and other fluid-based industries grow, you can expect the demand for drum pumps to rise as well.

Understanding Global Pump Market
The drum pumps market can be segmented on the basis of material used in their manufacture, product type, an even by their application. With regards to the drum pump type market, you have the electric driven, the rotary/manually driven pump, the hydraulic pump, the pneumatic pump, and much more.

With regards to the type of material used, the drum pump can be divided into the plastic and the metal pump.The plastic drum pumps can be divided further to Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPC), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), and Polypropylene (PP) pumps, among others. As for the meal drum pumps, we have the stainless steel pumps, aluminium, cast iron and other metal materials.

As for the application, we have the pumps specially designed and manufactured for the petroleum industry, chemical industries, food processing industries, automotive industries, manufacturing industries wastewater treatment, laboratories, and much more.

The Geographical Distribution Of Drum Pump Market
Typically, the drum pump can be segmented into the Europe, North America, South America, The Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa. The North America market is projected to be the largest market for the drum pumps driven by increased industrial activities as well as an increased preference for the cost-effective and efficient drum pumps.The Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East  are also projected to demand more drum pumps moving into the future.

With regards to the manufacturing of the pumps, the manufacturing base has shifted from the traditional manufacture bases in the West to Asia, particularly China and India. However, the Middle East is also taking up an ever-increasing share of the drum pump market. Nonetheless, you can expect the major players in the manufacture of drum pumps across the globe to continue playing a major role in producing these machines. This includes Fluidyne Instruments Pvt.

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