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Posted on: 13 July 2016 by Tara Reeves

Education in Wales differs greatly from that in England. Until 2000, the national key stages were managed by the School Curriculum. There is also an organization called Assessment Authority, which is responsible for the school tests and the enrollment system.

Until now, it was a key part of educational reform. But in 2000, the National Assembly took the charge, gaining access to the test agencies and dictating its conditions on behalf of global reformers. Meanwhile, the tests in England remained under the reign of the Curriculum Authority. The tests were gradually declined, as in 2002, when the Authority decided to cut down the exams at Key Stage One. This led to optimization of the teaching material. Some alternatives were offered, like optional assessment techniques and broader school curriculum. These alternatives meant a lot for the students of Wales as they have been abridged according to the global educational system and developed by the National Foundation for Educational Research. There were other test agencies who tried to act as developers, but many of them failed to find the true assessment system, fit for all schools. is a writing service that assists students with their writing tasks. As it is stated on their website, this company accounts for more than 2,500 writers with 50+ different degrees. 

In 2003, the Welsh Assembly published a report, stating that the country needs serious reviewing of primary education, with the focus on the Welsh language and culture. The report was received by the public and the authority, its contents outlining the necessity of abolishing key stages two and three. Education in Wales, however, stayed compulsory for the children aged 5-16. Around 64, 000 students in Wales take vocational training every year, with the large group of students preparing themselves for further education institutions. A number of pupils from other countries are enrolled in Welsh schools, some private, some fee-paying. The major part of students are educated through the medium of the Welsh language, and primary education is available to all population groups. There are 8 higher establishments in the country and 15 colleges and other institutions. Education is important for the Welsh. It is even said that the first university of Britain was established here. It happened in the 6th century, on the coast of the Glamorgan Vale, one of the most recognized historic sites in Wales. Besides, schools in Wales demand active involvement on the parents' side. They are expected to visit parents' meetingы to discuss their child's curriculum and take part in various school activities to keep up with the rest.

About the author: Tara Reeves is a writer enthusiast, blogger, author, and teacher. In addition to being a writer at, Tara is also involved in several volunteer projects where she performs as a teacher. 

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cortney griffin33 posted 17 June 2018

Welsh Assembly revealed a report, stating that the country desires serious reviewing of primary education, with the main focus on the Welsh language and culture. The report was received by the general public and also the authority, its contents outlining the need of abolishing key stages two and three academic assignment writing.


Fil Serf posted 04 October 2019

Yea, really...Education in Wales differs greatly from that in England. essayshark review Since devolution, education policy in the four constituent countries of the UK has diverged: for example, England has pursued reforms based on diversity of school types and parental choice. 


George Evans posted 12 December 2019

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