Eliminating Germs in a School Environment


Posted on: 05 December 2016 by Ann Visser

Raising the standard of hygiene in schools can not only ensure that children are learning in a safe and welcoming environment, but can also help prevent the spread of germs leading to a decrease in school days being lost due to illness.

Research shows that the spread of common bugs and infections, including the common cold, could be costing the UK economy millions of pounds, forcing teachers as well as pupils into taking regular days off.
Younger children have weaker immune systems, therefore they are much more prone to catching certain diseases through germs being spread, this means that children could be losing out on vital parts of their education as they are forced into taking time out of their learning environment to get better, take a look at how you can eliminate germs in your school environment with help from System Hygiene.
Improved Hand Hygiene
One of the number one factors in the spread of germs throughout a school environment is through touch, and improving hand hygiene can significantly reduce germs. Half of all GP consultations and 12% of hospitalisations amongst children aged 0-14 years old are for infections, promoting good hand hygiene is imperative in preventing the spread of germs and infection. If you have the right equipment available in the school environment it has the ability to teach kids from a young age about the importance of hand hygiene, having the right products, including disinfectant hand wash available in the bathrooms and areas where food will be being prepared and eaten.
Clean & Disinfect Areas/ Objects used Regularly
Whether it is a primary school, high school or even higher education, there are a lot of objects and surface areas that come into contact with the pupils, and keeping control of this can be difficult. Ensuring areas are cleaned thoroughly with a disinfectant cleaner will help ensure germs are killed and will not be spread.
Certain learning environments will be prone to more germs than others, i.e. food technology lessons, physical education, science, amongst others, therefore it is important to have the right cleaning equipment to hand to ensure germs are eliminated as soon as possible.
Using The Right Janitorial Equipment
Promoting a clean environment in your school will help prevent germs from spreading helping to reduce the amount of days that are lost due to illness, whether that is throughout the teachers or in the pupils.
Janitorial equipment is a necessary addition to any school, to allow the cleaners to do an effective job of killing any germs, wiping down surfaces, as well as removing stains from desks, walls etc. using the right equipment will help ensure the job at hand is done efficiently. A janitorial trolley is one of the most useful items available for cleaners in a school environment, and keeping it stocked with products that are safe to use in a school such as Dettol wipes, and spray disinfectant bottles, shop the range of janitorial equipment at System Hygiene.

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