Employer - Employee Relationship - How to Manage One?


Posted on: 31 August 2014 by Joanne Miller

Relationships are never easy, whether personal or professional. It’s worth mentioning that an employer, employee relationship is even more difficult to handle. In the modern business world, your compassion and friendliness may be mistaken for awkwardness and malicious intentions. In this post, we will discuss what you need to do to build a great employee relationship in the work environment.

Build Mutual Respect, but Draw a Line 

If you’re friends with your employees, it helps you establish a rapport and respect. It’s always better to establish some sort of mutual respect on the basis of close, friendly and positive interactions. This helps an employer gain some respect form the employees. Mutual respect can help you create a positive atmosphere in the work environment. This will make sure your employees always enjoy your company. 

However, it’s important to understand that there’s line that you should never cross, such as drinking heavily with your employees. In order to develop mutual respect, you need to show some leadership qualities. Employees need to know their primary goal is to deliver results. But they should also feel that you’re always approachable. 

Joke and Laugh, but Don’t Get Personal 

In most companies, work requires the perfect mix of analytical and creative thinking. Therefore, it’s very important for an employer to maintain the right rapport and tone in the office. You need to genuinely care about your employees, and be friendly toward them. 

It’s important to understand that work should be fun. You should avoid asking too personal questions. For instance, you can ask about your assistant’s wedding, but bothering her with questions about the details would be wrong. 

Employee Relationships can Help Your Business Survive 

If you’ve recently set up your business, it becomes even more important to treat your employees with respect. When starting a new business, you should keep the friendliness high. It will promote a strong business mentality among your employees. Moreover, you won’t be considered rude or unfriendly. 

Be Friendly on Case by Case Basis 

It’s very important to treat employees like friends, and strike a balance between understanding their capabilities, motivation and maturity and not crossing the boundaries between an acquaintance and relationship. A good relationship with a competent, mature and motivate employee may quickly become a strong friendship. You need to let the employees know that you will have the last say in business matters. 

Similarly, your relationship with a less worldly or mature employee should be on a work related basis. It’s important to understand that the boundary between employee errors and company success can cause some moments of awkwardness. It’s even more evident if an employee isn’t performing up to his potential. 

Treat Your Employees like Friends 

Last but not the least; you need to treat your employees like friends, while setting some boundaries. The employer - employee relationship needs to have some mutual respect. Employees shouldn’t just respect you because of your title. They should respect you for the person you are, and the treatment you give them. Such subtle things can make sure your work environment enjoys the best employer, employee relationships.

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