Enjoying a Romantic Getaway in Dubrovnik for Older Couples


Posted on: 02 August 2016 by Alex Jacob Slash

Romance is an integral part of any relationship. As an old couple, relighting the old flame is something worth undertaking once in a while. One of the ways you can get to do this, is by visiting Dubrovnik, the old town of Croatia.

Dubrovnik has for years been a favourite getaway spot for many couples. This town is naturally romantic. Everything about it sets the right mood for the moment and it effortlessly invokes the old memories that refreshes a long-running relationship. For old couples, this is exactly what you want.

When is the right time to go to Dubrovnik as an old couple?

Old couples do not have the zeal and energy of the youth or young couples. Commonly, they desire a fairly silent, laid back but not lonely getaway.

As per the Dubrovnik calendar, May and October are the best months for any couple to land in the town for a trip of a lifetime. Despite the varying spots that cater for both age-groups of couples, old couples have their own spots at this time that will offer them exactly what they desire.

So, what makes Dubrovnik interesting, and what activities can you undertake as an old couple?

Dubrovnik boasts of a lot of historical and cultural heritage. Walking down the cobblestone streets and alleys of the old town, at sunset is the top of the list for most couples. The sunset mood and the beauty of the alleys is just perfect to get a romantic conversation going, and jiggle the good old memories.

Talking about sunset, if you love bars and a good view, then Café Buza should be an ideal spot for you. For one, the place is fairly quiet. Situated on the old walls of the old town (specifically at the west side), the bar offers a beautiful view of the sunset behind the town and the deep blue waters.

The only problem you will encounter with this place is locating it; though as long as you are on the west side’s walls a local will easily help you trace it. However, everything else about it is still spectacular. The drinks menu is fairly standard and adequate for any standard bar.

Picnics are still a favourite for many couples and the quiet alone time is just something worth craving for. Dubrovnik offers an island picnic opportunity, specifically in the island of Lokrum which is by far the best island along the coast. There are boat taxis offering transport to the island in intervals of half an hour; as it takes 15 minutes to reach the place. Once you set base, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, partly graced by colourful peacocks. If the cold breeze gets to your bone, the rocky coast in the island offers a perfect sunbathing spot; which as a matter of fact is also a favourite among many tourists.

Breath-taking villas for a romantic dinner and night out

Maybe you might be having a villa holiday in mind where you want to spend the trip with your loved one, most of the time confined in your own space. Dubrovnik is not short of breath-taking Croatian villas and hotels, which are well suited for a romantic dinner and night out.

There are tons of options to choose from, and within the menus themselves, there are hundreds of Croatian cuisines that you and your loved one can get to enjoy.

Activities that an old couple can get to do in Dubrovnik are quite a lot. Don’t forget you can also get to ride an affordable cable car that will give you a spectacular view of the town as you and your loved one hold hands, or you can also go on a wine tasting spree in Dubrovnik hinterland. If you feel you have some youthful zeal still lingering within you, you can likewise go for a kayaking trip.

In all these, Dubrovnik definitely has the potential to entertain you and bring you closer in your advanced stages as a couple.  

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