Ethics in Organizations


Posted on: 07 September 2020 by Serenity Reid

Different people have different meanings and definitions of organizational culture. It happens due to the fact that different organizations have its own cultural norms and practices.

However, we can simply refer to organizational culture as the specific values and certain behaviors that play the major role in the social and the psychological surrounding of a given organization. Organizational culture can also be said to be the behavior of people who are the part of a specific organization. An organization culture can be termed as one of the basic factor that influences ethical behavior among employees. These cultures can also lead to the organization creating certain policies that infringe on employee rights.

Among the culture in an organization appear values, the organizations vision, certain norms, the system, the working language, the habits, the symbols and the beliefs. It is evident that organizational culture influences the way members of the organization interact with each other or even with the clients. Organization culture defines the appropriate and the required behavior on situations which may occur in the organization. However, organizational culture may have good or bad effects.

Organizational culture can influence the creation of ethical and potentially unethical policies. For example if in an organization happen to have cultural beliefs concerning racial superiority, then evidently there would be policies and laws that support this kind of belief. There may be the situation that another race cannot be allowed to work in that organization or even to go in (Muijen, 2000).

For a society to function properly, it needs moral ethics. In another instance, if an organization has a cultural belief concerning alcohol, then it is most likely that that organization would create a policy on alcohol. For instance it might be that before selling any alcohol to anybody, checking of drivers’ license or any other identification will be introduced no matter the age or the appearance of the buyer.

It is also possible that some negative cultures in an organization also influence the creation of unethical policies. For instance, an organization might have strict cultural beliefs on religion. The manager or the business owner might prefer certain religion and does not necessarily like other religions. This cultural belief might prompt the organization in forming or creating policies that the company or the organization does not employ people from other religions except one. Therefore, it can be seen that an organizational culture influences the creation of both ethical and unethical policies.

A given organization has a policy that all its employees must only be males. The organization that has created this policy is based in a community where women are perceived as the house keepers. Their major role is to take care of the house and the children whereas the man of the house works and earns money. This organization based on this community also believes that women are created not to work hence there is a policy which does not allow to employ the female gender (Schabracq, 2009).

The culture of this organization influenced the creation of this policy because the company needed to maintain the image of the community. However, as the new administrator appeared, it would his responsibility to ensure that this policy is done away with. The reason why this policy would no longer work is because in the recent times, the female gender has been educated on their rights and quiet a large number of women has been venturing in to the job market. It should be noted that a lot of them have qualified for the positions in the organization and their input happens to be required for the success of the organization. With this in mind, the females who have qualified for the positions required then they should be given a chance to showcase just what they can bring to the organization. If their work is good then the policy must change. Nevertheless, it should be noted that for a society to function properly, it needs moral ethics, therefore changes of policies within the organizations should be relevant.

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Serenity Reid

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Mamadou Efemena posted 08 September 2020

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David raio posted 10 September 2020

Great info thanks for sharing it.


Bessie Watts posted 10 September 2020

You must have an Ethics to your organizations!


Theodore Challenge posted 16 September 2020

This is probably the most important topic in any organization. Our nonprofit organization exists to serve the community and without ethics, all would be lost and the community would suffer.


Franches Love posted 21 September 2020

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Razu Ahmed posted 24 September 2020

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Eldon Boissonneault posted 25 September 2020

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Nicky James posted 07 October 2020

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paul graham posted 09 October 2020

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DavidJ Cosby posted 10 October 2020

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liz bee posted 15 October 2020

Work ethics really determines how professional you can be


Amanda Waltz posted 19 October 2020

Great info to read about ethics, hope you have others blogs about social-ethics.


Ken Hobbs posted 19 October 2020

An organization devoting resources to developing policies and procedures that encourage ethical actions builds a positive corporate culture. This breeds organizational loyalty and productivity, because employees feel good about showing up for work.

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Chris Coleman posted 19 October 2020

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Jackson Smith posted 26 November 2020

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Jackson Smith posted 27 November 2020

Organisational cultures reminds the locals to stick to their tradition and pass it to the next generation.


Jackson Smith posted 29 November 2020

Companies that engage in organizational development commit to continually improving their business and offerings.


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