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Posted on: 16 April 2015 by Pawan Kotiyal

Himalayas is certainly a paradise for trekking lovers. With snow-capped peaks, spellbinding valleys, lush green woods, beaming streams and more, Himalayas offer a perfect trekking expedition to every trekking enthusiast. Do you want to trek with your friends but unaware about the best treks?

If you and your buddies and hardcore adrenaline junkies and wish to plunge into nature’s grandeur, here is the list of top ten Himalayan Treks perfect for your next excursion with your alter-egos…

Annapurna Base Camp: Mount Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain on the earth. The trek to the base camp of this is counted among the most preferred treks in India. The trek begins from the intriguing region of Pokhara. The trek passes through gripping waterfalls, rustic villages, verdant rhododendron forests and alluring mountain panoramas before reaching the base.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Best Time: September to November, March to May, December to February

Dzongri Goecha La Trek: A beautiful destination perfect for nature lovers, Goecha La Pass is among the most wonderful passes around the globe. This trek in Sikkim endows a charm of radiant rivers, elevated peaks, scenic meadows and immense array of exotic wildlife. In addition to this, you can go for adventure sports while trekking in Sikkim with your friends as well. Some of mesmerizing regions en route are Yuksom, Phedang, Tshoka, Dzongri, Thangsing, Lamune, Samiti Lake etc.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
  • Best Time: March to May & September – mid november

Bara Bhangal Trek: If you and your buddies are experienced in traversing rugged regions and have good knowledge of hiking and camping, Bara Bhangal Trek is a treat for you and your friends. It is a challenging trail, which takes a trekker from verdant Kullu Valley to the intriguing panoramas of Bara Bhangal Range. The trek passes through the fascinating and isolated regions like Manali, Lama Dugh, Kalihani Pass, Thamsar Pass, etc.

  • Difficulty Level: Challenging
  • Best Time: Mid June to October

Frozen River Trek: Making the trekkers have an enthralling walk over the frozen Zanskar River, Frozen River Trek (Chadar Trek) is one of the most popular treks in India. The breathtaking panorama of snow-laden Himalaya and beautiful waterfalls make the tourists fall in love with this route. The trek passes through the gripping regions such as Tilad Do, Gyalpo, Tibb Cave, Gyalpo, etc. It will be a pleasant and thrilling experience to walk over the ice sheet with your friends.

  • Difficulty Level: Challenging
  • Best Time: Mid January and February

Dodital Lake Trek: It is a perfect trek if you and friends are new to trekking and want to drench in excitement amidst nature’s opulence. The trek incorporates camping along the exquisite Dodital Lake before crossing the Darwa Pass. The route affords imposing vistas of mighty Bandarpunch and radiant ridges of Dhaula Dhar along with the meadows and wooden ridges down to Hanuman Chatti. You and your friends will surely enjoy the stunning views en route.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Best Time: Throughout the year

Gangotri Tapovan Trek: The trek along the sacred river Bhagirathi takes the trekkers to the source of the river. This source is popular as Gomukh. The trail is for the adventure aficionados and includes rock climbing, mountain climbing and glacier transverse as well. In addition, the trek passes through orchards of coniferous pine woods. The panorama all through the trail is simply spellbinding. The major areas en route are Gangotri, Bhojbasa, Tapovan, etc.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
  • Best Time: April (mid) to June, August to October (mid)

Markha Valley Trek: A sough-after trek carried out in the enticing region of Ladakh, Markha Valley Trek offers the adventurers the chance to climb the two soaring passes Kongmaru La and Gandala La. You can also visit the absorbing Markha Village. The trail passes through several gleaming rivers and streams, beautiful meadows, vistas of snow-laden peaks and much more. The major regions en route are Zingchen, Yurutse, Gandala La, Markha, Thochuntse, etc.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Best Time: June to October

Pin Parvati Trek: It is one of the most challenging and enthralling treks in India. Therefore, if you and your friends are hardcore adventurers, you all can choose this trek for your next expedition. This trek is a blend of gradual climbs, steep gradients, snow covered peaks and rugged passes. This trek takes the trekkers to high peaks and thus, being acclimatized is highly significant for the success in this trek.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Strenuous
  • Best Time: Mid June to October

Roopkund Trek: This trek is an enthralling expedition from the high elevated region of Loharjung positioned in the Chamoli District, Uttarakhand. Roopkund is a gleaming lake and it is also known as 'skeleton lake' due to mysterious skeletons found in the lake. The trail to this lake also includes visiting sacred Nanda Devi and makes the trek an overall amalgamation of adventure and culture. Some of the awe-inspiring areas en route are Loharjung, Ali Bugyal, Ghora Lotani, Bhagwabasa, Bedni Bugyal, Roopkund Lake, etc.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Best Time: Mid May to October

Rupin Pass Trek: One of the winsome treks in India, Rupin Pass Trek unravels the heaps of thrills to the trekkers. This pass is positioned at around 4600 meters of altitude in the splendid Himalayan Range. All through the trail, you will be welcomed with the picturesque landscapes such as verdant meadows, cascades, snow covered mountains, wonderful hamlets and sparkling rivers. Some of the surreal regions en route are Dhaula, Sewa, Jakha, Suruwas Thach, Ronti Gad, Rupin Pass, etc.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to challenging
  • Best Time: May (last week) to June (end), September (mid) to October (end)

Therefore, do not kill time in thinking, pack your rucksack and embark on the Himalayan trekking tour in order to spend spine-chilling and heartwarming vacations with your buddies!

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