Explore The Beauty Of The Northern Croatian Coast


Posted on: 12 February 2015 by Andrea Stelar

Get to know the beautiful northern coast of Croatia, which is, in my opinion, a little less presented to the world, than the southern one.

Many people visit Croatia each year for its historic cities, stunning natural landscapes and paradise islands. There are many wonderful places to go and things to do in this amazing country but to go a little off piste and away from the busiest tourist hot spots, why not consider a visit to the northern sections of the Croatian coastline and some of the islands which give it its unique appeal? Here are just some of the wonderful things you can see and do in this area:


This North-Croatian coastal town is Croatia's main sea port. Main sights include the Cathedral of St. Vitus and the pleasant suburb of Trsat Hill where you will find the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Trsat. Opatija, nearby, is a resort town with many wonderful sandy beaches and plenty of tourist amenities. In the 19th Century this was the Austro-Hungarian Empire's Côte d’Azur. From this stretch of coastline in Rijeka and around, why not charter a yacht, take a tour and explore the following islands for yourself?


Krk is the biggest of all the Adriatic Islands. Krk town is an historic little settlement with the remains of its mediaeval stone walls. This town, and the resort-like fishing village of Baška, can become rather busy in peak season. But move away from those spots and you will find an island largely undisturbed by tourism - including the wine producing area of Vrbnik. A bridge connects this island to the mainland, though many still choose to arrive here by boat.


Rab's sandy beaches are perfect for a bucket and spade holiday with children, or simply for relaxing in the sun and soaking up the rays. The town of Rab has a beautiful historic core that is lovely for an evening stroll. This is the smallest of the main Kvarner Gulf Islands, though it packs a lot of beauty into that small space. Rab's varied coastline is best explored by yacht, so you can take in the rocky promontories, secluded coves and sandy beaches that ring this lovely island.

Dugi Otok:

Dugi Otok, or 'Long Island' is the largest and easternmost of the islands off the coast from Zadar. Unspoiled Telašćica Nature Park covers the southern portion of the island and the whole coastline is rugged and wildly beautiful. Only around 2000 people live on this island and some settlements can only be reached by boat round the rocky coast. It has a natural and pristine feel to it, and the main settlement, Sali, is also very appealing.


The Kornati Islands, a natural haven and National Park is the place where you will be most grateful to have chartered a yacht, as you can explore some of the ninety plus islands that make of this archipelago, which George Bernard Shaw once said God has crafted from tears, breath and stars to crown his creation. This is, perhaps, one of the main highlights of any trip to the northern Croatian coast.


This island has a lovely old port town unspoiled by modern development, and again, although sections of this island can become busy in peak season, it is rather easy to escape the crowds and find tranquil corners to enjoy. 


Cres is actually joined to Lošinj but is separated by an artificial channel. It is somewhat quieter than its neighbour, but equally beautiful. It is easy to see why this island is so veiled in myth and legend.

With all these wonderful places to see, what are you waiting for? Come to the northern stretches of the Croatian coast!

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