Fighting Hair Loss is set to Become Easier than Ever


Posted on: 23 October 2014 by Robin Pointer

Changes in the patent for Propecia are making treatment more affordable.

Most men want to have a full head of hair however after the age of 40 it can become a bit complicated. Perhaps genetics and aging are beginning to cause male pattern baldness, or an underlying medical condition is causing hair to start falling out.

No matter the cause,hair loss can be a condition many men would like to reverse. Current treatments for this particular condition can be quite expensive, however this might change very soon.

Propecia tablets are a common, accepted and proven form of treatment for male pattern hair loss and the patent for this drug has just expired in the UK.  When patents have expired for other medicines their retail price has dropped by up to 90%. A reduction in Propecia prices can be reasonably expected. Propecia is not available through most publicly funded health services and normally requires a prescription from a private practitioner, and this means cost savings are likely to be passed on to patients.

What causes this drop in price? Propecia is not the medical name for the active ingredient, but a name of a brand. The pharmaceutical giant Merck held the patent and owns the brand name. After their patent expires, it opens up the opportunity for other drug companies to make finasteride (the active ingredient in Propecia) and put their own versions on the market.

The active ingredient is the same, and the results will be the same. Patients will be getting the same medication, just under a different name. Sometimes the pharmaceutical company that owned the original patent will start to sell both a generic and branded version of the same medicine. The loss of the patent benefits the customer by reducing the price of treatment.

Now is a great time to consult your doctor about Propecia and see if it is right for you. If you don’t have a specialist to consult consider using an online doctor and start the process of recovering your natural hair. 

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Simon Johnson posted 15 July 2020

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Anthony Massy posted 22 December 2020

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