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Posted on: 10 December 2015 by Beverly Beaute

Want to look gorgeous and unique from other?Get organised with a beautiful necklace, earringsand don’t forget the nail colour!It is the key accessory

Want to look gorgeous and unique from other?Get organised with a beautiful necklace, earringsand don’t forget the nail colour!It is the key accessory. It is very important to keep your nail polish with the different colours so to make them look attractive. Apart from all these things nail polish offers a good value with their long lasting effects and affordable price and look the same way it look in the bottle. It is basically used to decorate the nail plates with new creative style and techniques. There are many high brands of nail paints available in the market or even you can search on the internet from where you can get the collection of brands.

Hands always look better with tidy, manicured nails with the attractive colours of shades apply in your nails. Always suits the colours that suit your mature skin. You can find both the bright as well as light shades. It is totally depend upon you to get the best one out of all the other shades available in the market.

Things you must know about painting your nails:

  • Three strokes are all you need: Polishing your nail, it is the best way to use the three strokes to apply the polish. First you have to dip the brush in the bottle and apply directly in your nails. Start up with the base colour of the nail. Stroke the brush from left to right and then down the center.
  • Always use base coat: It might take extra time, but it is very necessary to keep make the use of nail colour from their base which gives the nails an attractive look.
  • Stay away from the quick dry brush: The quick dry brushes make easily get dry due to dehydrating and can easily get dry out your nail paints.
  • Hold your hand under the cold water: Holding your hand under cold water or dipping your fingertips into ice water, so to make the nail paint dry faster.
  • Keep your nail paint in cool and dry place:Storing your nail polish in the refrigerator that helps the formula to last longer. Protect your nail paint from heat and sunlight that can change the thickness and colour.

There are many different types of nail polishes with many different brands. Let’s discuss some of the best brands that are long lasting which gives your nails natural and attractive effects.

  • CND Shellac: It is the finest brand of nail paints which offers best nail polish with varieties of colour and design that give your nail eye-catching look for the people.
  • Harmony gelpolish:It is the first bottled Gel Nail Polish invented and it has remained a popular gel polish choice. It is marked with the full gelish nail system, these nail paint is easily available in the market store or who can also access this brand through online.         
  • IBD just gel polish:If you are looking for the perfect colour in the form of gel effects, you can purchase gel polish with many different colours. This brand colours are absolutely beautiful and go on great.

Discover your beauty with attractive colors !

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