Five Guilt Free Dessert Ingredients


Posted on: 05 February 2014 by Isobel Summers

If your New Year’s resolution is to be healthier in 2014, this doesn’t mean you have to give up baking. You can still enjoy sweet treats while looking after your figure. Simply swap your staple sugary baking ingredients for healthier versions and satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are five guilt free dessert ingredients that are figure friendly

Dark Chocolate

Whether you are whipping up a decadent chocolate brownie or a rich chocolate fudge cake, dark chocolate is a great alternative to using milk or white chocolate. Dark chocolate is known as a healthy alternative to other types of chocolate due the amount of antioxidants each bar contains. It has less carbohydrates and sugar than milk and white chocolate and the higher the percentage of cocoa, the fewer carbohydrates you will consume.


You can cut the calories in a dessert simply by substituting sugar for honey. If you don’t want to cut out cakes completely from your diet, you can use honey as a natural sweetener. Honey is actually sweeter than sugar and therefore you won’t need to use as much. It has a lower glycemic index than sugar and it isn’t heavily processed.

Almond Milk

You may have heard how great a Vegan diet can be if you are trying to lose weight. Those who adopt a Vegan diet use almond milk as all dairy products are off limits. It has less calories that regular milk and contains more vitamins. You can use almond milk when making anything from ice-cream to cookies and cakes.

Coconut Oil

Almost of all your favourite desserts will contain copious amounts of butter and this is just one of the reasons why they aren’t great for your waistline. A cake without butter would be dry but replacing butter with other sources of good fat mean that you can have your cake and eat it. Coconut oil doesn’t contain any hydrogenated fats and the end result is delicious.

Cayenne Pepper

If you like your cakes to ooze flavour, don’t forget to add a little cayenne pepper into your mixture. This herb adds a bit of spice to your cake mixture while kick-starting your metabolism.

Creating diet friendly desserts is easy when you have a kitchen full of healthy ingredients. All you need is these five diet friendly ingredients and a few high quality baking essentials from somewhere like Bakery Bits. 

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Katy McMillan posted 27 February 2014

There are many things wrong with this article. Honey is a sugar. It is processed from nectar by bees. It has the same amount of calories as sugar and has a high glycemic index. Sugar as we use it, sucrose, is processed by man from sugar beet or sugar cane. Just as natural as honey. Butter has negligible amounts of hydrogenated fats. These are produced when fats are heated as in cooking and processing. Saturated fat, found primarily in animal fats, is the type of fat most linked to heart disease. Coconut oil has a very high level of saturated fat and is therefore a less healthy oil than rapeseed or olive oil.all fats are high in Calories having 9Calories per gram. Dark chocolate has no less carbohydrate than milk chocolate, it does however have less fat. If choosing an alternative to cow's milk it is important to ensure that it is fortified with calcium. Milk is good food which is the main source of calcium in our diets. This is important, along with vitamin D, in helping to prevent and delay the onset of osteoporosis. There is no evidence that cayenne pepper will kick start metabolism. 

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