Five Spices That Will Make Your Healthy Dishes


Posted on: 28 December 2015 by James Taylor

Chose What Your Favorite Healthy Dishes

For many, spices only serve to add some flavor to a recipe, and therefore do not have them too into account. In fact, beyond the typical (oregano, parsley, saffron), most kitchens rarely count on a shelf full and varied spices for every occasion. And however, in addition to a special flavor to dishes, some spices can also help us to eat a more healthy and healthy way.

And it is that spices tend to be one of the best methods to get the recommended daily amount of minerals and nutrients, since they provide many minerals concentrated way, otherwise we could not find. We speak of iron, antioxidants, etc. that come in great quantity in the majority of spices. The best, in fact, provide us not only those minerals, they also fight any toxic substance in our body, thus avoiding diseases and problems in our body.
There are many interesting spices, but we have wanted to highlight the best spices to Cook, those that can not miss on your shelf:


Well known as a home remedy for colds and flus, thyme can also be a perfect companion in many dishes, adding iron and magnesium to our daily food, minerals that are essential for the proper functioning of our body.Old School New Body Review-TheFitFocus.Com Ambition


If there is a single spice that can encompass the benefits of spices in the food, that's oregano. A delicious spice that gives us antioxidants. The properties of oregano, in addition, include two times more minerals than any fruit per gram. It is logical that you become the star of spices for cooking.


The perfect condiment for grilled meats and grilled, since it avoids the creation of certain heterocyclic animas, compounds that can cause cancer and are the greatest danger of this type of food. Thanks to Rosemary will not have to worry about this, because its function allows to counteract that effect.


One of the great unknown, but the best spices for cooking, is the Sage. With a large percentage of antioxidants, behind only oregano, Sage provides us with further benefits for our brain activity, which will be enhanced with its consumption.


In addition to a delicious scent to candles, perfumes and Bath gels, lavender also has many benefits as a spice in the kitchen. As one of the most comprehensive, it provides calcium, iron and vitamins A and C in a good contribution.

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Harriet Simpson posted 27 April 2020

These spices are really good for your food, and if you need a better spice than them, go for organic garam masala. I guarantee you that it will be extremely beneficial for the dish that you are making, and you'll thank me later.

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