Five Ways I Managed to Save Money


Posted on: 02 July 2018 by Laura Jackson

For a person who loves a new outfit every now and then, and gives money to various interior items with no actual purpose, saving turned out to be a great privilege for me!

I got a new job 2 years ago, and I wanted to be very serious about the money I’m paid, so I decided I need to save some. I tried a few ways, until I found what works for me and I want to share my tips on saving money with you. For a person who loves a new outfit every now and then, and gives money to various interior items with no actual purpose, saving turned out to be a great privilege for me!

My first actual advice is to decide you want to save money. You can live without saving money, of course. However, your future is more secure when you have some extra cash on the side. Find a purpose to your savings, like visiting a foreign country – basically anything you want to save the money for! This will help you be conscious about the money and stay on the track.

Learn to cook. Not for your friends, and not for your family or anyone else. Learn to cook for yourself. Learn how to prepare tasty meals and not buying everything from the supermarket. While the market offers great varieties of take-out, fast food, frozen food and fancy restaurants, this is not the best way to eat, at least not for your budget. These types of food tend to be a little more expensive, especially in restaurants. Of course, you will have to purchase your own products, to make a meal, but if you count the money for that, it would be a lot less than going out every night. Another plus of this money-saving method is that you will know exactly what’s in your food, because you made it and it will be prepared with things you love eating. Whether you get paid more or not, preparing your food is not deprivation, you can eat out one day of the week, or a few times per month, but try to avoid doing it constantly, it really does save you a lot of money!

The second thing I did was to make my own cleaning products. The same rule goes for this tip, too. Professional cleaning tools, machines and products are all over the market. You can find also cheap ones. The not so good thing, though, is that probably 99% of them have at least one chemical. The products I use are all in my kitchen and I didn’t have to buy much extra ones. A small tip provided by MainCleaners - vinegar has so much more uses, than just in cooking. It can be used to clean your windows, shower, probably every surface in your home. You can make a great all-purpose cleaner with just vinegar and some water. Salt, baking soda, lemons and other fruits can be used for different cleaning tasks and work more than efficiently. The best part is that even if you buy regularly a bigger quantity of these things, you will never give as much money as you would with regular chemicals-based-on cleaning products.

My next advice is to make a list of your expenses. For a week or two, write down the money you give for different things and divide them in categories. After you have the list, evaluate your expenses. See what you spend your money on. Decide if it was the right thing to do. If you notice you have extra expenses which can be reduced, try to reduce them and see if there’s a difference. This is a good way to keep track on your expenses and find out how much money you spend on things you don’t need.

Open a savings account. Nowadays it’s hard to find a bank that doesn’t offer a savings account. You can do it easily and you can have automatic transfers between the accounts. Find the one service that fits your expectations and you can start collecting money. For me, personally, it’s harder to spend the money, if it’s not in my possession, physically. If I don’t have the cash in my hands, or anywhere in my home I feel like I spend less. Having a savings account usually helps a lot with limiting your expenses.

These are my top five money-saving tips that can work for anyone. Apart from cooking, as it requires certain abilities that not everyone possesses, every other tip is great for every person who decides to save some money. They worked out great for me – I’m still able to buy a new piece of clothing every now and then, I still eat delicious food every day and go to a good restaurant from time to time, my place is even cleaner with my homemade cleaning products. The benefits that come with saving money are a lot and you will yourself sense them once you start saving. Good luck!

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