Flowers as the most eligible gift for seniors


Posted on: 04 July 2013 by Andy Asher

Sending flowers to seniors without any occasion is a special event.


Family members and friends often find it difficult to decide the gift item for the senior member of their family. It happens every time when the occasion arrives and you think of gifting something unique this year, but just can’t get any help. Instead of gifting something like a showpiece or cliché article, why not consider flowers?

Undoubtedly, gifts make people happy – especially senior members hospitalized or living in old age homes. Often, even a fresh collection of flowers is enough to uplift their spirit and make them feel special. But why are the flowers most loved by elderly?

Almost every adult has a huge collection of showpiece that are sitting on the shelves to be dusted and party clothes resting in the closet for years. People who struggle to find the best gift to please their elders often zero down to flowers, simply because it is the most appreciated gift by elders that do not require extra work or storage. Flowers help seniors keep their mind and body fresh. A flower delivery would definitely enthrall the senior who receives them.

Why is Flower Senior’s First Love?

Seniors – especially those who are homebound due to illness and health issues – may miss their family members who are scattered in different locations and friends who have settled out of the country or have passed away. At this age, seniors often feel the need to be connected and stay with their closed ones. If this doesn’t happen due to some reason they feel lonely and may even fall ill.

Flowers can give them a feeling of being connected to people who care about them. A lovely bouquet of flowers can bring back those pleasing memories and add positivity to their life. Flowers remind seniors of their sweet memories, friends and people close to them. It is the symbol of love, care and good health.

Some medical studies even claim that flowers keep the mind fresh and help in reducing stress and depression. It helps in improving the overall health and well-being of the individual receiving it.

Sending Flowers to seniors

Some of the reasons for sending flowers may be traditional, while others could be for a variety of reasons:

• Wedding anniversary, birthday or other personal celebration
• Holidays like Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year
• Feelings like Thank You, Miss You, Love You and Care for You
• Congratulation for daughter’s wedding, son’s wedding
• Mother’s Day and Grandparent’s Day
• Sympathy for loss of friend, a family member, pet or any sad event of life.

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Maggie Swift posted 15 November 2017

Wonderful idea! When you choose flowers for your beloved ones you should check the meaning of the flowers. Carnation is my mother's favourite flower but I choose only beautiful flower arrangements with white and pink carnations. Their meaning are "lovely" and "I will never forget you"

The  yellow ones signify "disdain" and I always avoid them.

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