Follow These 7 Rules To Guarantee Weight Loss In Your 50s


Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Aven queen

Losing weight gets harder as we age, but by making some simple lifestyle changes you can lose the excess weight and keep it off.

A guide to losing weight in later life

Losing weight gets harder as we age, but by making some simple lifestyle changes you can lose the excess weight and keep it off.

As we get older, our metabolism slows down, our muscle mass decreases, and many people find it increasingly difficult to lose weight. However, our seven simple strategies will help you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in your 50s.

Think positive

You may not realise it, but your mindset can play a key role in your weight loss efforts, and research has shown that a positive attitude can really help you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  If your willpower isn’t as strong as it could be, you might want to consider trying hypnotherapy for weight loss. Combining behavioural therapies with visualisation, this treatment aims to change your relationship with food, helping you to literally think yourself thin.

Adapt your diet

Keeping a careful eye on what you eat is key to maintaining a healthy weight, and it’s important to adapt your diet to your changing metabolism. But this doesn’t have to mean starving yourself and counting calories. Instead, concentrate on quality over quantity. Research has shown that people who eat a diet rich in whole foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and lean protein, and who limit their intake of processed, sugary and fatty foods, are much more likely to lose the weight and keep it off.

Limit eating out

People over 50 tend to eat out fairly regularly and this can make it difficult to stick to a healthy diet as you’re more likely to consume processed and high-fat foods. To avoid undoing your hard work try to limit the number of times you eat out and, when you do, try to opt for healthier menu options. Similarly, alcohol is the dieter’s enemy; it’s full of empty calories and can cause you to pile on the pounds. So, if you drink regularly, think about cutting down or even giving up altogether.

Don’t skip meals

Thanks to a slower metabolism, you need fewer calories in your 50s than you do in your 30s. However, try not to cut your calorie intake by skipping meals. Not only will you miss out on key nutrients needed as you age, but missing meals will put your body into ‘starvation’ mode, slowing down your metabolism and ultimately making it more difficult to lose weight. Eating healthy, well-balanced meals at regular intervals throughout the day will boost energy levels, help to maintain muscle mass, and encourage weight loss.

Change your exercise regime

Reaching your 50s isn’t an excuse to slack off and become more sedentary – exercise is key to healthy weight loss at any age. However, for the best results you may need to rethink your exercise regime. Strength training is increasingly important as we age as it helps to build muscle and keep your metabolism healthy – so try to build strength and resistance workouts into your fitness programme. Aerobic exercise still has a part to play, but opt for low impact exercises such as swimming and cycling to minimise stress on your joints.

Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health at any age, but it is especially important when you enter later life. When you sleep, your body releases hormones that play a key role in appetite regulation. Getting insufficient sleep causes metabolic dysfunction, which increases your appetite and makes you crave starchy foods that are high in sugar – not a good situation for someone trying to shed the pounds.

Set realistic goals

Starting out on your weight loss journey can feel overwhelming, so try and set yourself realistic goals. By putting pressure on yourself and aiming to do too much too soon, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, take things one step at a time and set yourself small, achievable targets. When you see yourself making steady progress, you’re much more likely to stick to your weight loss plan.

Nobody is pretending that losing weight is easy, but neither does it have to be insurmountably difficult. By taking a realistic approach, making some changes to your lifestyle and, most importantly, going easy on yourself, you can successfully lose weight – and keep it off.

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