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Posted on: 18 April 2016 by Agustina Fazio

The Canary Islands are a much loved holiday destination, especially Fuerteventura. Stunning sunshine and pristine beaches may be the first things that you think of, but they’re not all this Atlantic paradise has to offer!

The Canary Islands are a much loved holiday destination, especially Fuerteventura. Stunning sunshine and pristine beaches may be the first things that you think of, but they’re not all this Atlantic paradise has to offer! Let’s take a look at the activities that could make your trip to Fuerteventura a memory that you will cherish forever.
The Beaches
Writing about Fuerteventura without mentioning its beautiful sands and calm oceans would be plain wrong. From the sheltered coves of Parque Natural el Corralejo to the sun scorched sands of Sotavento Beach, there are plenty of places to relax and swim on the coast of Fuerteventura!
Being an island with mile upon mile of beautiful, warm ocean, it is a given that watersports rank highly among the activities which Fuerteventura holidaymakers enjoy. Surfers can ride the break at El Cotillo Lagoons, while visitors to Playa de Cofete can lead the excitement with a windsurfing or kitesurfing experience that’ll leave them speechless. 
Of course, you’ll also find a number of other water based activities. Sea kayaking, banana boats, and more await the adventurous water babies among you. If you’re an adventurous explorer, snorkeling can give you some amazing insights into the submerged world of the Fuerteventura coast—and the calm waters mean that the whole family can get involved!
A Trip to the Zoo
Fuerteventura may be politically aligned with Spain, but it is just off the coast of Africa. It stands to reasons, then, that Fuerteventura would have an absolutely amazing zoo. Oasis Park is almost 800,000 square meters of pristine, natural scenery—and the animals are not to be missed! Hippos, Giraffes, and loads more species are on show to ticket holders. The fun doesn’t stop there, though.
The zoo doubles as a conservation effort, designed to protect the natural flora and fauna of Fuerteventura. While the animals come from around the world, including the African continent, popular local wildlife is offered too. The Sea Lion show and Majorero Camel rides are particular highlights that shouldn’t be missed!
Off Road Activities
The beautiful but rugged landscape of Fuerteventura make off road biking and quad biking ubiquitous with a holiday to the island. Rental companies around the island will be happy to lend you their engines so that you can whizz off on a journey that involves steep inclines, volcanic tracks and adrenaline-filled fun. 
Even if you’ve never ridden before, there are novice areas which local guides will be more than happy to teach you on. Who knows, before the end of your holiday, you could be among the veteran riders blasting down dry river beds and up mountainous hills!
Chartering a ship and renting some tackle is your fast track to the catch of a lifetime off the coast of Africa. With daily excursions leaving the various harbors around the island, you don’t need anything but some free time and the cost of the trip. Taking the whole family on a fishing trip is one option, but sometimes it is nice to get away from the family and relax—and that’s why plenty of men “do a runner” and take to fishing solo while the kids enjoy the sun, sand, and sea!
Excited for your Fuerteventura Holiday?
You should be! While these activities, and so many more, will keep you busy during the day, you’ll need somewhere to retire to at night. While hotels are an option, Fuerteventura holiday apartments offer a more personal experience—and you could save a whole lot of money in the process!
Wherever you choose to stay, Fuerteventura is an island that offers unbelievable memories for holidaymakers, so you should start planning your trip right away! 

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