Generosity likely to increase when on holiday abroad


Posted on: 15 May 2019 by Dennis Star

The study highlights how people would be more likely to leave a tip for various services when on holiday, as well as detailed information on the rate they would tip when in various countries in countries in comparison to the expected tipping rate there.

REVEALED: Generosity likely to increase when on holiday abroad


New research has revealed that the average UK adult is much more likely to leave a tip when on holiday abroad than they would when in the UK.


The survey, of over 2,000 British adults, shows how 63% would leave a tip for waitresses and waiters on holiday, compared to just 55% that would when dining out in the UK.
The research, conducted by travel experts Big Domain, also shows how men and women become more generous towards other services when abroad and tend to tip hotel staff 50% more when on holiday than they would to hotel staff in the UK. (34% VS 15%.) This is also the case for bar staff, with just 12% of people tipping them in the UK and 20% that would when overseas.


The main reasons people would not leave a tip for various different services or products both in the UK and abroad is if they received poor quality of service (57%), because of poor manners/ rudeness (55%), bad hygiene (40%) or because they felt the service or product was already overpriced (32%).

The information, which explores attitudes and etiquette around tipping rates across a number of popular holiday destinations, also shows the average/recommended service charge for each country and compares it with the amount that people would tip when holidaying there.


The average tipping rate that should be left in these popular holiday destinations is:



Recommended service charge rate


€3.42 (10%)


12.66kn - 37.98kn (5-15%)


€2 - €3


$5.83 - $7.77 (15-20%)


AED14.27- AED21.41 (10-15%)


€1.70 - €3.42 (5-10%)


€3.42 - €5.12 (10% - 15%)


121.26 Baht - 181.89 Baht (10-15%)


€3.42 (10%)


$5.4551 (10%)


*Based on a £30 (or equivalent) meal.

41.3% of Brits said they think that tipping in the US is compulsory, and although it isn’t, you are encouraged to do so as many servers rely on tips for income.


For services in the UK, Sheffield appears to be the most 'tight-fisted' city when it comes to leaving a tip in a restaurant with almost half (47%) its residents rarely leaving a tip in a restaurant, even if they received good service.

The study also names Brighton as the most generous region, with over half (52%) of its residents always leaving a tip up to 10%, followed by Liverpool and Bristol.

Almost a quarter of Brits (24%) admit to never leaving a tip for any kind of service at all, and for those that do, the average tipping rate is between 6-10%. Younger people appear to be the most generous, with those aged between 16-24 tipping between 16-20% on average in a restaurant. The most ‘tight-fisted’ age group is 55 years and over, with 16% leaving no tip at all.





43% of people said they feel uncomfortable when a service charge is automatically added to their bill, and over a quarter (26%) will not leave a tip if they don’t believe it will go to the individual that served them. 1 in 10 people admit they would ‘rather keep the money for themselves’ than add it to the bill, and a further 10% said they always leave a tip because they think it’s ‘polite’ and the ‘right thing to do’.

Top reasons people would demand money is taken off the bill in a restaurant:


  • Finding foreign object(s) in food (56%)

  • Receiving cold food (49%)

  • Receiving something different from what they ordered (42%)

  • Poor quality food (35%)

  • Service taking too long (28%)

To see what percentage holidaymakers do tip in comparison to the country’s average service rate, visit the Tipping Points Guide

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